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Default Re: Sabi vs Tsuna

Saraibre Ryu

Ability: Scrappy
Health: 100%
Energy: 78%
Moves: Work Up/Icy Wind ~ Icy Wind/Headbutt


Ability: Immunity
Health: 75%
Energy: 91%
Moves: Focus Punch~Rock Tomb

Kanya moved first, yet again narrowly outspeeding her opponent. Remembering her orders, she began a move that would seriously help her in the coming rounds. She was temporarily surrounded by a harsh red light, but before she could do anything it disappeared. Although Zangoose didn’t know it yet, that little glow was actually strengthening her on the inside. When she attacked, it would reappear, making any attack of hers more powerful. This was going to be quite interesting from here on in…
(-4% Energy, ATK+1, SPATK+1)
Zangoose had been charging up his move while Kanya was sitting there with her little lights. This move would work perfectly under the circumstances, and the time it took for her to prepare hre aura was the same amount that he needed to focus his powers. His left forearm glowed a vibrant light blue as he charged his foe, fangs bared. He leapt up and turned, putting his fist directly under her face. A single second later, he pounded into her, doing super-effective damage. Kanya was blown back, seriously injured. She had not expected such a horrific blow from her foe, who had been mostly on the defensive for most of the game. She dusted herself off, then stomped her feet. She wanted to end this, and fast. If he kept attacking like that, she would be gone in no time…
-22% Health, -12% Energy)
Kanya’s next move was one she was unfamiliar with. She knew that it wouldn’t be too powerful, but started it anyways. Walking up to a cloud, she inhaled it in a huge breath. The icy cold wind was stored in her stomach, and when she turned around she could barely hold it in. With a huge exhale, she blew the icy attack into her opponent’s face. He cried in pain, but it appeared this was merely reflex; the attack had actually not hurt much at all. Brushing off the snowflakes, he got ready to strike back.
(-7% Health, -6% Energy)
Zangoose’s next move was kind of like Kanya’s; he wasn’t exactly sure why it was ordered, but that wasn’t going to stop him. He slammed the ground, making it vibrate all the way down to the ground. The rocks on the bottom began to shake as they came out through the ground, temporarily levitating in the air. They surrounded Kanya, and then suddenly jutted into the ground, injuring Kanya. She yelped, but felt okay. It hadn’t really done much damage; she was confident that she could win this if it went on like this now.
(-5% Health, -5% Energy)
Saraibre Ryu

Ability: Scrappy
Health: 73%
Energy: 68%
Mood: Mmkay.


Ability: Immunity
Health: 67%
Mood: Meh, okay.

Referee Notes
Focus Punch’s accuracy roll was 77, with 1-100 hitting.
Icy Wind’s accuracy roll was 3, with 1-95 hitting.
Rock Tomb’s accuracy roll was 61, with 1-80 hitting.
Rock Tomb’s flinch roll was 5, with 1 flinching.

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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