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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

Azaziel arrived at the door in the alleyway, where he was meeting a hunter. He Knocked on the door in a rhythm of 6 knocks to signal his arrival and awaited the opening of the door. Several moments later, the sound of a chain being unlocked could be heard on the other side of the door, and the door slowly creaked open, revealing a man around the age of fourty, offering a smile to Azaziel.

"Abraham, so good to see you." Azaziel offered a weak smile to his old friend.

"Azaziel, I do hope you didn't cause any trouble on your way here. I've heard from the grapevine about a death in broad daylight earlier today, wouldn't happen to involve you would it?" Abraham asked.

"It was a Rugaru. I was hunting it down, when some idiot blew my cover by attacking me, and the Rugaru ran. I had to kill it." Azaziel responded, to which Abraham sighed. "You going to let me in? I need weapons."

"Oh right, sorry." Abraham said, allowing Azaziel in, the door closing behind Azaziel, and led Azaziel further into the room. "So, what exactly are you looking for?"

"Well, I want a blade that will make easy work of flesh and bone, that in one clean swipe, cuts through with ease." Azaziel stated. "I want an assault rifle with silver bullets, a Bowie knife, a Tranq Gun and darts, a Python and an ASP."

"Any particular model of Assault rifle?" Abraham asked, as he grabbed a Katana from the wall.

"An AK-47 if possible." Azaziel replied.

"Here, a Katana. I'm sure it will suit your needs. Now, let me just go and get the AK-47 and other weapons." Abraham walked off, looking for the various weapons.

Several minutes later, Abraham returned with the weapons and holsters for them, and placed them on the table in front of Azaziel.

"There you go, that will be all you need to take down most targets." Abraham stated.

Azaziel spent the next few minutes putting the holsters in position, the pistols on either leg, the Bowie Knife on the upper right leg, The Katana,AK47 and Tranq Gun on his back, though they were all underneath his trenchcoat and thus out of view, but he still had easy access to all of them if the need was there.

"Thanks Abraham, I need to get going. Be seeing you." Azaziel said his goodbyes, exiting the way he had come in, Abraham watching him leave.

Abraham's eyes flashed a black colour, as a smirk rose upon his face, knowing Azaziel was gone now.

"Ha, that was too easy fooling him, and he's meant to be some old Demon, bah, how did he not even notice I've taken control of Abraham." Abraham laughed.

Azaziel strode down the street, remorse on his face as he walked hastily down the road, away from where he had killed the Rugaru, and away from Abraham's shop.

"I'm sorry Abraham, I wish I could of saved you, prevented this, but I was too late." Azaziel stated, apologizing to Abraham's 'spirit'.

Suddenly, an explosion split the air as a plume of smoke rose into the air, as debris was spewed everywhere. The building was heavily damaged due to the explosion, the lower floor's room having been hit the worst, everything inside completely burnt, the weapons still either attached to what was left of the walls, or scorched remnants on the floor. A lone corpse, severely burnt, lay in the room.

Gorak watched as the man left the building, and began to follow him, though he was shocked when the building the man had left exploded, and headed back towards the building, standing on the pavement outside the building, staring at the mess.

"My, aren't you a resourceful one. I'll have to be careful hunting you." Gorak smirked, speaking to himself. "Especially if you are this destructive."
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