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Post Sparkling Dreams [A PMD RP]

You, A Normal Teenager, are Walking Through The Woods, When You Seen Something Shining, Deep into The Woods. You Countinue To Walk Forword to it. When You Get there, An Arceus Is There! You Think To Yourself, .....Pokemon Aren't Real.... How is an Arceus here...!? You Rub Your Eyes, After Your Done, The Arceus is Right in Front of You! After That, You Don't Remember a Thing... You Open Your Eyes, and You see ANOTHER Pokemon! Its a Plusle! It Says To You "Phew You're Alive! You were Knocked out Here! I got Worrried..... Um.... Who are you....? I've Never Seen you Around Here....."

Fill Out the Form To Answer the Plusle!


You Answer the Plusle....and Tell it you're Actually a Human. "Um.... Excuse Me...? HAHA.....! That's Funny!!! You Expect METo think YOU'RE a Human!? You Look Like a Normal Pokemon!!!!" You Gasp. "Pokemon!?" You Look into a Nearby puddle. You Gasp again. You ARE a Pokemon!!!!

What Pokemon Are You?

"Just....Just Follow me....." The Plusle Says to You. The Plusle Leads You to a place....Shaped Like Wigglytuff? "I forgot to Introduce Myself! I'm Eri!" "Errr.... Hi Eri...." You Tell Her. "Come On! Don't be shy! Follow me!"

Thanks for Doing The BORING Intro..... You May Now Role Play!!!!

You'll make Me Happy!!! :D

Quiting this FOREVER due to so many mean people..... :'(