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Default Re: Poké Daze [A Pokémon School RP]

Here Are Some Of The Students By the Way!~

Name: Eri Bolt
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species of Pokemon: Eevee
Parents: Mr. Jared Bolt
Personality: Sweet, Intellagent, Strong-willed, and Childish
History: Y U Wanna No....?
Best in what class(es)?: Reading, History, and Music
Apperence: A normal Eevee with Sparkley Blue eyes.
Other?: Ehhhh............. Oh! My Dad Is The Music Teacher!~

Name: Leo Westfall
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species of Pokemon: Riolu
Parents: Rita and Jack Westfall
Personality: Childish and Hyper
History: O.O Y U WUNNA NO..? OMG! U wunna be a stalker, Dont chu!?
Best in what class(es)?: ......uh........Im kinda good at art....
Apperence: A Shiny Riolu Jealous...?
Other?: NNNOOOPPPEEE Exept I failed a grade....

Name: Logan Williams
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Species of Pokemon: Pikachu
Parents: Tammy and Mike Williams
Personality: Hyper, Never Serious, and VERY Childish
History: Uhhhhhhh.......... I was born.....? LOL
Best in what class(es)?: All of thum!
Apperence: a SHORT pikachu
Other?: I haven't hit my growth spurt yet.... OKAY!?

Name: Cleo DuVall
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species of Pokemon: Glameow
Parents: Rick Smith and Sabrina DuVall
Personality: Rude, Self-Centered, and MEAN
History: Non of your dang bizzwax!
Best in what class(es)?: ........?
Apperence: A Shiny Glameow
Other?: Yeah, Im The most BEAUTIFUL student in the School!

Name: Zeke Diaz
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species of Pokemon: Poocheyana
Parents: Karen and Isacc Diaz
Personality: Childish, Smart, and Nice
History: Non'ya!
Best in what class(es)?: All of em!
Apperence: A normal Poochyena
Other?: Nope

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