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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

“Sure…” Kiseki had responded after a few moments, giving her a smile though he still looked a bit wary of Caroline as he sat down. “My name is Kiseki. You’ve probably already figured out what I am by now, haven’t you…?” Caroline was about to respond until she saw Kiseki’s gaze fall down to her bruised wrists, his smile fading at the sight of them. “I could heal those, if you want me to.” Kiseki said in a whisper.

“You would do that for me?” Caroline whispered back in a surprised tone. After a few moments of looking at Kiseki she put down the ice and pushed her plate of food to the side, putting out her wrists to the Vampire as she rested them on the table. “I didn’t think you would actually do that for me, because of the Vervain incident… I’m really sorry about that.” Caroline whispered in a soft tone with a guilty look on her face.

“Of course! What if that ***hole tried something?! I can’t stand this anymore!” Caroline quickly looked over to the new voice, seeing that a male and female leave the restaurant for some reason. Shortly after the two were gone Caroline noticed that they left a backpack behind, bringing her to quickly stand up.

“I’ll be right back.” Caroline said as she quickly grabbed the backpack and walked outside, seeing the two instantly. “Wait, you forgot you’re…” Caroline paused as her attention shifted to the dead body in the road, bringing Caroline’s eyes to widen in shock.

“Auntie Caroline!” Abby suddenly yelled as she saw Caroline, bringing Ashley and Jeremy to turn around and see Caroline standing at the scene; not too far away from Ichiru and Kotomi actually. The two quickly walked over to Caroline with Abby in Ashley’s arms, bringing the blonde to tear her gaze away from the body and look at Jeremy and Ashley. Abby looked back over to Ichiru again, somehow feeling a connecting between him and herself from her Demon side, though the five year old didn’t say anything about it.

“I thought you were working?” Ashley asked as she saw that Caroline wasn’t in her working clothes.

“I’m taking the rest of the day off.” Caroline responded as she casually put her hands in her pockets to hide her wrists.

“Can you put me down mommy?” Abigail asked as Ashley nodded, placing Abby gently down on the ground before looking back over to Caroline.

“Are you feeling sick?” Ashley asked in concern.

“No I’m fine. My boss saw that I was really tired so told me to take the rest of the day off.” Caroline responded. As the two girls began to talk about the body, Abigail walked over to Ichiru and poked his leg to get his attention.

“My name is Abigail. What’s your name?” Abby asked with a smile as she looked up at him, her small fangs showing. When Ashley looked down to check on Abby a few moments later she saw that the five year old was gone, bringing Ashley to slightly panic as she looked around, finding Abigail only a few feet away. Ashley sighed in relief as she walked over to her daughter, picking her up without even realizing who she was standing next to at first.

“Abby, what did I say about wandering off?” Ashley said as she looked into Abigail’s emerald colored eyes.

“Sorry mommy.” Abigail responded, giving a kiss on Ashley’s cheek which made her smile. Her attention then shifted up to the person she was standing just a few inches away from, the smile instantly disappearing as she looked at Ichiru in shock.

“Oh, hi… again…” Ashley said in shock and nervousness of being this close to Ichiru.

“Mommy, me and him have the same colored eyes.” Abby said with a smile as she looked back over to Ichiru. Ashley stared into Ichiru’s eyes, instantly noticing that Abigail was right. Just like how Ichiru was feeling, Ashley felt like Ichiru and her have met somewhere before, but she couldn’t figure out where.

“Are umm, are you still hungry?” Ashley asked as she turned back over to Abby, quickly changing the subject. Abby nodded with a yawn, actually making Ashley laugh as she smiled sweetly at Abigail. “Looks like you’ll be taking a nap also before we go to the beach later.”

“Can he come too?” Abigail asked as she pointed to Ichiru, bringing Ashley’s smile to quickly fade away into an expression of shock again as she looked at Ichiru.

“I’m umm…” Ashley paused as she looked over to the dead body, a white sheeting covering it up now as she looked back over to Ichiru, protectiveness instantly showing up on her facial expression now. “I’m sure he has better things to do.” Ashley then turned around to walk back over to Caroline and Jeremy with Abigail in her arms, who looked saddened as the five year old looked at Ichiru.

“Everything okay?” Jeremy asked as Ashley nodded.

“It’s just been a long morning…” Ashley sighed as she looked at Caroline. “Are you coming home with us?”

“I’m actually going to stay here and eat. I’ll catch up with you guys later.” Caroline responded, not mentioning the talk she was having with Kiseki as Ashley and Jeremy nodded.

“Just be careful.” Jeremy said.

“I will.” Caroline smiled. Ashley and Jeremy then disappeared into the crowd with Ashley still holding Abby, walking back in the direction of their house.
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