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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

You know, I wasn't able to remember most of this book. I needed my journal. If I didn't have that one conveniant book Gear gave me, I'd basically think of everything as just another day, and never remember any of the strategies, specific actions and parties involved. After so many long months of being reffered to as 'Avalon;, my real name was remembered because I put it there. I knew why I was doing this because I put it there. I put my story there-It blossomed into other worlds for me.

However, there was an exception. I remember anything, ANYTHING, clearly and truly, as though I was honestly there, actually doing it, so long as it had me killing Arbiters. I enjoyed seeing the beyond hell-bent fools that dared to cross me under my foot as I cracked their ribcages, I grinned when I vaporized a whole Arbitarian troop with a single Volteerist attack, I laughed at their every defeat and demise, and, remembering it all, I still do. I get kicks out of looking at a collection of Arbitarian spears once wielded by Arbiters who didn't know what the hell they were doing with those more-than-lethal weapons.

I memorized the foot-soldiers clothing of choice: Traditional Arbitarian war robes, worn way back when by the initial Arbiters in a conflict completely unrelated to today's Arbiters. However, the purple, indigo and black colors, with only a trim of gold for anything bright, obviously had a mental impact on their foes, and their four-option choice of spear, sword, crossbow and bo-staff was more effective than one would think, as the Arbiters never ceased to use Arbit Burn weapons. Some special units got more, but it was rare.

First attacker: An Arbiter tried attacking with a spear from behind our position. I turned around, kicked him in the face, making him drop the spear. I grabbed it and stabbed him. I liked it that the blood evaporated before I could see it-that made me feel a little less evil, even though I was making sure this person was in deeper than hell.

Our next foes were people ambushing us from the sides, both wielding crossbows. The sleepy kid, who somehow wiped all appearances of exhaustion right off his face, must have been the one to make the move, for I didn't really focus on how to hang people with tree branches. They were strangled, in a mostly painless death.

We both made a dive for those crossbows, and as we picked them up, another Arbiter ambushed us with a blade in hand.

A whip came out of nowhere to save my rear-the sleepy guy had it, and showing remarkable control, he not only made sure that his whip didn't get Arbit Burned, he also shoved it into the Attacking a**hole.

I pulled out my own sword, and pointed it directly upward, and I got a lucky kill, for an Arbiter was going to drop down upon us with a spear, but he got stabbed by my own blade. As the Arbit Burn effect became apparent on my blade, the sleepyhead was already directing my movements out of that alley.

Dodging a few arrows, and slicing/whipping some of the Arbiters nearby, we dived into another piece of cover: A now half-destroyed toy shop with the shopkeeper dead and decaying fast thanks to the apparent Arbit burn corroding his skin. Toys were scattered about, and I was on the verge of picking a few up when sleepy shot an arrow straight from the crossbow without having reloaded it, and netted himself another Arbiter kill.

I tried the same tactic, just shooting the Crossbow without doing anything, for I noticed no strings to load an arrow with. As it turned out, as a back-up option, Arbiters can launch pure Arbitarian energy arrows straight from the bow without consuming their own energy, at the cost of power. I learned all this from firing it once, and looking at the lucky Arbiter who died long before an Arbit Burn was established between his eyes, where the bow went through.

A brief pause. The old man had now vanished from sight totally, both his body and soul having been totaled by the Arbit Burn. I found a wad of Zav, just laying nearby where he was. He must have died trying to get away with it. I assumed that my twenty Zav was in there, and as he was dead, and this whole place surrendered all civil law to anarchy’s madness. in seconds, I assumed there was nothing wrong in pocketing it, along with some of the toys scattered about. I wasn't really looking at them when I did, I was looking out for any more attackers. I still had my sword ready for drawing, and my Arbit Crossbow was ready for action.

...Time seemed to stretch to hours, even though it was shorter than two seconds. I decided a mental scan of the area would work.

First off: Mario survived, along with the rest of Eon Sky. The restockers were killed in the fight, but the ship is supplied enough to last for nine months. All of Eon Sky-except me-were already at the ship.

<"Mates! I'm still in the city! I've got another guy with me!"> I telepathed to them. <"If I can't get to you soon-">

I suddenly realized it-What would I do? Most likely be used in some insane scheme to cause the end of the world forevermore. I was dooming the world to say that.

<"Scratch that last mental sentance. I will get back to you soon."> I telepathed, more confident. The a**holes that blocked my path weren't worth the dust off an old hobo's three-toed foot.

<"Avalon! If I wasn't Atheist, I'd say thank god! But you've got three minutes, and that's at most!"> Mario telepathed back. <"You'd kill me from the inside to leave you here, you would!"> added Mario, almost begging the Nexus to save my skin in the process.

And that was it. No other survivors could be heard of, not including me and sleepy.

"There's a ship that'll wait for us for five minutes, and five no more." I said. "Nobody else is here otherwise, it's our only chance."

"I hate to burst your bubble, but you've probably got less time than you think. Besides, Arbiters like to make survivors panic." whispered sleepy. "That's how they make sure nobody lives. One step, and you'll have an arrow sticking out of your chest!"

"They'll barely see us leave."
I said.

I transformed, and almost threw sleepy on my back in the process, using some psychic energy.

"Hold on!"

I shot out of there like a cannon, and I realized that those archers, drawing back their arrows like a predator would stand, waiting to pounce on unwitting pray, almost shot themselves. One did.

"Oh, god, did you see that dude back there?" I said, almost laughing.

"These kinds of speeds weren't calculated for...By them, anyway. By the way, I'm Karazin."

"Whatever!" I said. "If it's in indigo robes and moves, shoot it before it shoots us!" I added.

I didn't expect me to ram into somebody. In midair.

"Oh, looky, just who I wanted to meet..."

She was floating in midair on the winds, she was lightly dressed in japanese robes and samurai armor, colored black, she had pitch-black ponytails and skin, she held fans with lethal, Arbit-Burning energy on it, totally blacked out save for the symbol of the Arbiters in purple lines...And she was about as old as me. The grin on her face was as large as a quarter-moon.

"The all-infamous Archangel, Avalon." The Arbiter Girl said with an obvious insanity in her voice. "Lower it, or else. You're not as precious as he is." She added, talking to Karazin while pointing at me.

Karazin must have obeyed. I saw her smile widen.

"I am Pandora, Loyalist to the great Arbiters, cleanser of darkness. You. We tried peacefully...But you're still lucky that you'll be the only person living out of every last raid. We don’t take survivors." Pandora said, looking at Karazin with lethal intent and lethal sound.

I barely cared for that, but I should have never looked into those murderous, purple eyes, for I saw the truth at once. It was burned into my head, and It haunts me to this day. However, it helped in the short term and the long term.

"Liar." I said with equal lethality in my voice.

"Oh, what's this? You-"

"You...You brainwash the survivors, don't you? You root them out, knock them out, and keep them unconscious while you overflow them with your energies and force them to do your bidding...Like a puppet...You can't deny it." I said, colder than ice.

Pandora looked like she just got slapped in the face.

"You...You tell anyone, and-"

"I can die. I can Arbit Burn myself, It’s not like I’m immune or anything. You want me alive? S**t to that, I'll kill myself before I'm used in your insane scheme, whatever it may be. I'll commit suicide, but I'll never let you filthy abominations touch me. Oh, and you want me so badly...Failure to capture me ALIVE, not dead, not without my soul, and certainly without anything, is punished with a slow execution by your own kin...I know that, too. You cannot hide anything, you twit." I said, cocky and liking it.

"Doesn't mean I can't hurt you." She said, regaining her insane tone, but still looking hurt by the fact she had been so easily denied her satisfaction of causing fear.

Karazin resumed his grip around me, for I was at her like a bullet. I rammed into her before she could react, plowing her into the ground-and not into the forest, no, but to the pavement of the docks, so that Mario could give me more time, just a few minutes more. Pandora’s blood-an unusually dark blood red-was left in a trail, but Pandora only seemed more lively and murderous, if anything. I let go, but she slid too far to be natural, and she was up on her feet quite quickly-proof of Kinetic Energy.

Karazin slid off my back, as he prepared to face down something that, up to this point, he had considered to be invincible mass murderers-or rather, a leader of those invincible mass murderers.

She attempted attacking first, and narrowly missed with a kinetic energy bolt, sending a tree flying back. My retaliation was to make a step forward and punch her.

I felt my newfound physical strength-felt it for the first time. It came right then. These new abilities just kept piling up, with no stop in sight, and I didn't know if-or rather, when-I'd get another. But strength to rival Superman was always nice. Feeling a bone crack within her body, I sent Pandora briefly sailing backwards, before she kinetically stopped herself, and making a large

Then she created a black sphere in her hand, and I had the sense to avoid it. I did a massive dive to the right, almost ramming into a tree with surprising speed, just to avoid the orb of death. It was a smart move-It exploded, taking out large chunks of the trees, which fell over. Meanwhile, Karazin somehow got behind Pandora without the latter realizing it

Karazin shot an arrow into her with the crossbow, which she quickly dematerialized, and turned around to meet him, but she couldn’t do a thing to stop Karazin’s whip coming around her neck. Then the whip started glowing blue, and nobody could mistake her squirming in pain, trying to escape the grip of the tendril that was obviously causing her nerves great discomfort. I did another astonishing display of speed to get to her with three good pushes of my legs.

She had, at that point, overthrown Karazin's blue whip technique, and had-

Oh no oh no oh no. She had cut her with one of her fans. Karazin was still alive, but the Arbit Burn was still there, and that would kill him if Pandora didn't do it first. Oh god oh god oh god, could that be removed?! Remove it remove it remove it, please please please!!

I was thinking that. Exactly that.

And it was gone. Karazin, having briefly panicked over the sight of an Arbit burn, instantly regained all his cool upon the loss of it. He breathed a sigh of relief, then looked at me.

Then his eyes went odd, as though he was holding something back this whole time.

Then he fell asleep, right on the spot, falling down and snoring loudly.

Pandora was laughing at the display, recovering quickly from a bout of pure rage she had when the burn was removed. She almost forgot to try and administer a second one. I almost forgot to finish this quickly, for Pandora had seemingly forgotten about my existence when the whip glowed.

I forced her head towards me, then punched her, hard. As it happened, I felt a sensation as though my hand had lit on fire for an instant, then had changed into simply a slightly-cool feeling thing. Odd, as it wasn't fire in my hand.

Try red electricity. See, you never know! It's like summer rain.

Pandora was hit before, but not like that. She went off to the forests like a rocket, slamming face-first into a tree, breathing heavily. "Dear Arceus, what did that?!" She said.

Dear god, did she really forget about my existence here? And who was Arceus? I swore it was a he, and he should have been somebody I knew well, but that was it. I came in for the punishment.

I was at the tree Pandora was thrown into before she could react, and picked her up-in one hand. Now she took notice of my existence. "That B***ARD! Stupid Mind-Mirage trick!" cussed Pandora. "Hey, not being polite, now are we?" she added, regaining a little cool. I could easily notice that she still held one of her fans, and it still had an Arbit Burn about it.

I knew she meant 'put me down, or else.' I instead decided on a new habit.

"Oh, sorry, pardon me." I said, putting my pinky finger out, as though I was drinking from a glass. I couldn't put it out in public, the kind of face she was wearing, but she looked disbelievingly and unbelievably mad, to say it kindly. Somehow, she was pissed enough to forget that she had her lethal fan.

I threw her at the ground, making it crack in the process, looking down at my fallen foe. She was the accused, and accused of the mass murder of millions. I was the judge, jury, and the executioner-If that d**m relic wasn't existent, I could have killed her, or worse.

I decided on something else. Torture. Until I could put her down for good, that would have to do.

"D**M YOU!" Pandora screamed, truly sounding like a four-year old girl who didn't get that pony for her birthday when that was she wanted above all else. Minus the fact that d**m wouldn’t be coming out of a four-year old’s mouth.

"D**m the relic, because I can't kill you." I said, grinning. "You'll have to settle for this." I added, about to enjoy myself greatly.

I stomped on her chest, breaking a considerable amount of her ribcage, the red electricity from prior revealing itself again, my foot feeling slightly cool, the sound of bones cracking all too audible to me. Pandora lost her grin and her insane murderer mojo entirely-she was now in a true state of panic and fear.

I crushed her face underneath the heel of my shoe, thinking only of the millions she had killed before she met me. I couldn't let them go unavenged! It would be criminal for me not to let her go without a parting gift.

I forcefully activated the Arbit Burn on my blade, while Pandora was honestly crying, strictly from the pain, her nose broken.

"I do NOT tolerate the death of millions-and worse." I said. "You DESERVE worse. Ironically, this IS mercy!" I added, feeling the fury of all those she ever killed flowing through my veins like my blood, like every person she killed was a part of my family. "You are GUILTY, and the sentence will be DEATH!!" I said, thrusting the sword through her neck.

The Arbit Burn was powerful-it spread quickly on her body. However, the relic was taking effect, as the dark hole beneath her began to form. I looked at the city, once full of life and light. I couldn't see it now. By the time I looked back at the Loyalist that dared to live, Pandora was long gone. My blade remained, nice and clean, fortunate to not come into contact with any of her dark blood. And Karazin was still sound asleep.

I picked up Karazin, careful not to drop him. The absurd strength I had helped in matters, and I swore he could have been something as weighty as a small rock.

I could also have ran with him. It took little effort, at this point. I jumped inside the ship, where two ES's awaited me.

"Holy s**t. You lived." said the younger ES from before.

"You didn't just live, you brought someone along with you! And he's alive too!" the older ES said.

"I make a promise, I keep it." I said. "Do you know how the raid went?" I added, as the ship started to take off.

"Smoothly. The Guard was tight along Tavas'es office and bedroom, so we couldn't touch him. But we stole valuable stuff, the Arbiters invaded his house along with the rest of the city, and according to Issac, Tavas was killed by an Arbiter Colonel. If true, then Tavas was ultimately expandable to Avonu.

We had taken off, and halfway through the hall, still carrying Karazin, I met Mario.

"Holy crow. I thought nobody survived an Arbiter invasion. Proved 'em wrong, didn't you?" Mario said, smiling.

"You have no idea." I said.

"Ah...So, who's your friend there?" Mario asked.

"Some civilian. He fought good. His name's Karazin." I said, being quite to the point.


I agree. He looked smart, and he was indeed a good fighter, but he fell asleep right in the middle of combat. To add to that, he was a civilian, a regular Volteer that got sucked into the heart of a conflict he probably didn't want existant to begin with. What were we to do with him?

(Thanks for commenting!)
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