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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 12-Karazin

It was about time for another raid, and Mario had the plans-like last time.

Fortunately for us all, Issac redeemed himself from the gun incident last time-He managed to find a lot of non-perishable food tucked away on another private, ignored corner of the ship. I may have wanted to tell you that sooner-it's how we survived for so long. Of course, why these shipbuilders put all that food and guns inside the ship itself is puzzling. Maybe it was an added gift for Gear buying it and him being the military, and all that?

However, you always need food. You use guns when you want to shoot stuff. But you need food. And we were running out. Water was also an issue, and even though Mario thought in advance and brought water bottles, we ultimately had to stop somewhere.

And we had finally found our next target. We waited in the cafeteria, where it was large enough to put the 100 members of Eon Sky comfortably. There were tables that had eight seats each, and of the many individual seats on each table, most were occupied.

"Avonu is our ultimate target for many reasons. Primarily, he is an Arbiter. However, he has also personally put up for election people that would easily abuse power, and could still look legit from the outside. Not all of who he put up for these offices were corrupt, but there is no doubt that Avonu did put them up for election. Obviously, as the public views Avonu as the person who killed Tyzzax, the former Arbiter, and nothing more, they immediately voted for those corrupt officials. However, we all know that Avonu did indeed take Tyzzax's place, and did place those members in to slow down the Onlisk Republic even further-which is clever, as they aren't related to the Arbiters at all." Declared Mario. "One of these corrupt officials is Jalan Tavaz, Head of the Onlisk Treasury. It doesn't take much to know what he is doing-Obviously, pilfering money from the Treasury, putting the Republic into unwitting debt." Mario added. "Tavas is, like everyone else, unaware of the scheme that Avonu is planning, but Tavas doesn't care about the war with the Arbiters. He cares about money-and money alone. That is a mistake he has made."

Mario paused for a minute, then started smirking when he started again. "Like many other people, Tavas has a home-in this case, a fine mansion overlooking the hills of the city Tuaxin, on the planet Covinox. Of course, he is at his house many times, including at night. Though he has employed a small guard to assure his security, Tavas has made a second mistake in that we can still get in silently, without alerting the guard...Add all that up, and Covinox, as you have already guessed, is our next destination...Our objectives: Kill Tavas, steal the fruits of his ill-gotten wealth, and rid the Republic of the leech that saps their hard-earned money!"

Eon Sky, as a whole, roared their approval. I was in it this time-I liked the fact I could easily remove a tumor Avonu planted.

"However, our supplies run low. Obviously, we'll steal Tavas'es stuff because we can sell it for a good price to buy essentials. However, many of us have brought money, and now is the time to use it. Seventy-five of us will be going to the Mansion, while twenty-five of us will stay in Tuaxin, buying the supplies we need now. The twenty-five that will remain behind, unable to take part in our mission directly, will still assist us by providing the raiders information-though he's yet to know the signs, he will be hot on our trail if he knows we're here. As soon as your done, get back to the ship, drop off the supplies, and get ready for a takeoff." Mario said.

"With help from some people I've already decided wouldn't be going on the raid, I've made a list of who's staying. If you don't see your name, you'll go to the mansion. Clear?"

A general mumbling of "uh-huh's" and "sure's" was made. Mario walked around the room, handing out a sheet of paper to each table of eight. I quickly skimmed the sheet-considering my name started with an 'A,' it didn't take long to find me as the second person on the list (second only to a guy named "Albert Vazz").

"We'll be arriving at Tuaxin in the hour." Mario finished. Walking out of the room like everybody else was, I was sort of relieved I didn't have to go on the raid. I'd have liked to keep collateral damage to a minimum.


"We've landed! Everyone on the raid, get back to the cafeteria! We'll plan everything there! Everyone else, I suggest you pool in money to get the supplies! Make them last as long as possible!" Mario said.

I walked, along with the twenty-five other Eon Sky members, outside of the ship.

The first reaction-it was bright for what was supposed to be about eight p.m.

I then realized that there must have been a party at the actual part of the city, for it shined almost as bright to rival the sun, only in multiple colors of various sorts. We were at a docking station just south of the city, and a small forest was all that stood between it.

"The world of lights!" Said an ES who was staring at the sun-like orb of light. I started calling my fellow allies in Eon Sky ES's because I couldn't think of anything else to call them, and I wasn't totally acquainted with most of them at the time. "Shame we can't really experience it...Unless we have money left over."

"OK, enough. We're just getting a restocker to get our supplies in order, and get out." Said another, older member. "Waiting around will get us killed."

"Alright then, the restocker's in the city. I don't want to know how much Gear and the Onlisk know 'bout us, so let's just go to the restocker personally to get the stuff." Said the younger ES, still staring at the lights.

"You just want to go there, don't you?" Said the older ES.

"Well, do we want to see if he knows our phone numbers?" Said the younger ES.

"I was just saying." Said the older member.

We diverged. I decided to follow the general direction of everybody, as they walked to the light cluster.

As we left the docking zone, the woods, as it turned out, were decorated-there were those Chinese lanterns alight on the trees, but there were also lights just suspended in midair, like a miniature sun. The path, which would usually be a small, dark-gray path of concrete, was now a colorful display. I soaked it all in-quite beautiful.

And before I even knew it, I looked at the city itself.

Neon adorned each building, all in various colors and shapes, as though it were criminal to not have neon lights on a building at all. But that wasn't the end of it-Those Chinese lanterns and the odd bright lights were joined by spotlights that moved around, as well as lights coming from under pools of water here and there, and every last light was changing color, like artwork come to life. This was obviously a lively city. People were coming and going casually and cheerily.

"The restocker's over there." Said the older ES member. "We meet back at the ship if Mario telepaths us. Don't wait for anybody, just go. Clear?"

Everyone nodded. "Wait right here." He said, walking in. It took thirty seconds for him to walk back out.

"As it happens, the cost for a year-long supply for a small cruiser with 100 men is...35,000 Zav."

"Wow, that's a steal!" Somebody said, handing him a paper note marked 100.

"Yhea, real lucky!" Someone else said, handing over two 100's.

I checked my wallet, and found myself to have a 100, a 50, and a 20-all in Zav. I handed over the 100 and the 20, as more Eon Sky members got money in.

"Altogether, that's only 2,000." The man said. "Fortunately, Mario already handed us me the Zav everyone else gave out prior..." The ES said.

He walked back in, and walked back out, taking one minute tops.

"We've got...About 25 left." He said, handing out 1 Zav to everyone. I stuffed mine in the wallet.

"I'll oversee the process...Everyone else, I'd like to see if there is anything OF USE we could buy. If it is, report to me. If it's for yourself, you're on your own." The ES said.

We immediately split up. We knew where the docks were.

I looked at everything-everything was for looking at, and you could look at just one small thing for an hour plus. However, one thing was something that nobody my age could resist.

It was either Scyez and my Bagon (who I decided to nickname Vyraz) or the figurines I had that kept my occupied. And wouldn’t you know it, there were new ones in a toy shop nearby. It was kind of small, but who cared? If toys kept my mind off the situation, then more toys would probably keep it off more. I walked in, casually.

'Ding-ding!' A small bell rang, and the shopkeeper was ready to sell. "Good day, kid! What can I get for you?" he said.

"Uhh...What kind of packages do you have? for the Pokemon toys?" I asked.

I'll just leave the selection at this: A lot. Aside from the usual two-pack 'Booster sets' and the four-pack 'Starter sets,' there were also tins, 'Super Boxes,' 'Jumbo Boxes,' and other stuff I couldn't even bother to name. I don't even want to list the prices.

"Eh...Just two of the boosters will do..." I said, slightly timid

He still happily handed over two. The total price? 7.8 Zav. I had fifty.

"Uhh...Can you break a fifty?" I asked, shy.

He still looked happy, but one mentally scanning him would hear him think "Come on! Fifty dollars?!"

"Ehh...Sorry, no!" He said.

I took a Super Box instead-those contained 10 figures. That was worth 20.8 Zav.

"I still need this fifty broken." I said.

"Lemme check...Yep! Now I can!" The shopkeeper said, politely handing me the 29 Zav I was due, along with two coins that were a tenth of a Zav each.

"Come back anytime!" Said the shopkeeper, cheerily.

I decided to quickly take back the newfound possessions to the ship, bee-lining it. I wasn't running, I blended in, smiling at the array of colors, walking back to the pavement road that led to the docks.

On the way back, I heard the whispers of a voice.

"Ugh...So tired..." Said one person, obviously tired.

"Shut it! I will break that habit if it KILLS me to do it!" Said a much louder voice, still distant. I kept my even pace, admiring the lights.

"You can't fix my irregular sleeping habits, I've tried and failed." The sleepy person said, still calm and wishing he could sleep.

"I do NOT care for what you tried, I am someone much better than you at this! I know things about staying AWAKE! AND YOU WILL!" Said the louder, bossier voice, obviously at the end of his wits.

"A nature hike quickly turned into an argument for If I could stay awake for it all...I'm not a quitter, but I'm not a optimist either. In fact, I doubt the odds for you being able to solve multiple tasks involving stubborn things at once, considering you ram into the iron wall head-first again and again until your head will finally crack open, at which point you'll either lose sanity, request that I be taken back to the house and 'politely ask that you never hear of me again, or in an extreme case, commit-"


I saw the arguing people at last-a dude that honestly looked like he could sleep right now, despite the cold pavement and the bright lights, and the lethal gaze from the person I'd go to if I needed somebody that looked like a boy scout leader.

"Alright, enough of this, let's just-oh, hullo. Didn't expect anybody from around here to be out here...Unless you're going to the docks, of course." The sleepy person said.

The boy scout leader looked like he'd murder the poor dude for doing that. I walked on, nodding so fast I barely registered I did, before finding the docks again and quickly locating the Calypso.

By this time, the restockers were mostly done. The remaining crates were being moved by some Volteer-originated force, neatly being stacked and assorted, overseen by the older ES.

I'll be direct-You know those times when there's a big blank between point A and B? Like when you go over a rail out of curiosity, check under a few logs, and find yourself facing a venomous snake in the face, and suddenly, you're back behind the rail without even remembering how you got there? Same case scenario-First minute, I had the box, going to my room, next thing I knew, I was already back outside, box-less. It also seemed to have taken but an instant to be back at the city, the trip through the woods (and possibly confronting the sleepy kid and his overly-aggressive buddy again) having taken almost no time.

And I only knew that there were three good minutes between when I got there, and decided to sit on a chair, thinking, and when the following happened.

The sleepy kid, looking just a little less sleepy, and his companion, looking like he had just killed someone accidentally.


And then an arrow, coated in Arbitarian energy, shot straight through his body, killing him instantly, and proceeding to dispose of his corpse and soul.

The sleepy kid and I took the exact same piece of cover, while everyone else flung themselves headfirst into panic and more Arbit Burn arrows.

I then slapped myself mentally. How did I not see this coming? They wanted me, and alive. They took great interest into me. If it wasn't the Onlisk, it would be the Arbiters. But, miserably for them, while the Onlisk probably wanted me dead while I'd like it if they survived, the Arbiters wanted me alive while I didn't want to see even the slightest trace of their unworthy corpses.
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