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Default Re: Mario's Art 4.0 [Latest: 9.02.2011]

Whoa. Over a year without an update. Though I don't know if anyone checks anymore. XD

Anyway, THIS his how Dewott should've looked. I don't like how the current one is the only one that looks feline-like. In fact, it's the only of the stages of the 5th gen water starters I don't like. So I decided to draw my own. Though, I had a lot of help with a current drawing I saw on DeviantArt. I've been trying to look for the user to give him proper credit.

Anyway, I think I did a good job making Zotter look more like an otter. I drew it after a North American River Otter (my favorite animal). The things on his arms and head are shells inserted vertically. It makes sense to me since Samurott has shells on his arms and head. Also, it would look WAY cooler using Razor Shell with either his head or arm shells.

The name Zotter comes from Sardolutra (an extinct otter) or Solder which is pronounced exactly like 'zotter' which means to join. In this case, solder would make no sense. XD

Also, I've said it before and I'll say it again, this gen's water starter mons have horrible names. What doesn't make sense about "Wotter?" Pronounced like Water (duh) and it's a water type, and it's an otter... need I go on? Then this one would be Zotter. Then I would name Samurott, Slotter (Slaughter) because of it's swords. =D

Comments much appreciated. =3

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