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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

OoC: Lol it's okay.

IC: “I’m fine…” It was obvious that the blonde was shocked at Kiseki’s speaking to her, but then again he didn’t blame her. He was shocked that he was talking to her himself - especially since he knew she’d been the one to put Vervain in his and Ichiru’s water. She looked down as she answered him, although a few moments later, her attention went to something else behind him, although Kiseki didn’t bother to look, thinking it was just another customer coming in. He was completely unaware that Ichiru was outside. The Vampire didn’t know what to do or say when Caroline looked back over to him, although thankfully the awkward silence was broken when a waitress came up to the table to deliver some food that the blonde must have ordered before he came over.

“Here you go Caroline.” She said, to which Caroline smiled before standing up and looking back at Kiseki, who almost took a step back in response.

“You’re…not planning on hurting anyone...” The spoke again as she touched the Vampire’s arm, making him look at her in confusion. However, as he looked at her he noticed the pupils in her eyes shrink into slits, much like a cat’s would. However, since his and Ichiru’s eyes did the same thing when they were angry or thirsty, the possibility of her being a Vampire as well rose too. His fingers brushed against the handle of the gun in the holster on his right thigh, but he knew better than to pull it out in the middle of a restaurant, and something told him that Caroline didn‘t mean any harm anyway - no matter what she was.

“Please don’t be scared.” The blonde said quickly - almost as if she had read his mind, and her eyes went back to normal shortly after. Kiseki’s shock was probably apparent on his face as he looked at her silently, not sure how to react. “My name is Caroline. Do you want to sit down with me and talk? I promise I won’t hurt you.” She continued, offering him a sweet smile as she sat back down.

Kiseki hesitated, the slight burning that remained in his body a reminder of the Vervain he’d ingested earlier. That was really the only thing that made him wary of her, but he knew that she had only been taking precautions.

“Sure…” He finally returned the smile, although his response still came out sounding somewhat wary. “My name is Kiseki.” The wariness disappeared slowly as he continued, giving the blonde a sheepish look. “You’ve probably already figured out what I am by now, haven’t you…?” His gaze fell down to the bruises on her wrists and the smile faded during the pause while he looked at them. He looked back up at Caroline, dropping his voice just above a whisper so others couldn’t hear. “I could heal those, if you want me to.”

He didn’t know if the fact that Vampires could heal others’ wounds was a known fact, since only their bad reputation was spread around. Most people knew that they could heal themselves, but even Kiseki hadn’t known they could heal other people until he had become one himself. He didn’t know if Caroline already knew they could, or if she would be shocked by it like he had been, but either way he still honestly wanted those bruises to disappear.

Shortly after Kotomi arrived, a small group began to gather around the body; policemen had arrived to investigate the scene by now, and there would probably be an ambulance or something of the sort coming to retrieve the body soon. The two siblings were still trying to figure out what might have happened when a scream suddenly shattered the silent air, bringing both of them to whip around to see Ashley with a girl who appeared to be only around five years old in her arms.

The child buried her face in the older female’s shirt, and shortly after Ashley began talking to one of the police officers. Ichiru stared at the two of them for a moment, still baffled by the fact that it seemed like he knew Ashley from somewhere - and not just because she was an actress or model. It felt like he actually knew her.

“So there’s no clues at all as to how this happened?” Kotomi’s voice brought the demon to look back over to her, shaking his head in response.

“There probably were; the person with the video camera had to have caught what actually happened, but he ran off before I could speak with him.” Kotomi scowled, looking back at the body.

“I think I might know who it was, but I want to be sure before I go hunting them down.” Ichiru looked at her in question, prompting her to continue. “I was out in the ocean this morning, sitting on a rock when a blonde haired man appeared beside me. After he spoke with me, he floated to town - I don’t think humans are able to do that.”

“Floated?” Ichiru echoed, and Kotomi nodded.

“Floated. Like actual levitation. I know I wasn’t imagining things.” Kotomi made sure to leave out the part about her being a Mermaid for now; she’d wait until things were a bit calmer and she and the twins were alone to reveal that. She glanced back down at the body once more. “He came into town right before this happened, so I think he could possibly be behind it.”

“You’re probably right… But it’s a good idea to wait to see if he’s the real culprit.” Ichiru responded, glancing back over to see Ashley looking directly at him.

“Oh, another thing.” Kotomi looked at Ichiru as she spoke again, although the dark haired teen didn’t take his eyes off of Ashley this time. “The brown haired girl in the crowd over there… I saw her earlier too. She swam by in the ocean just before the other guy appeared - as a Mermaid.”

Ichiru’s eyes remained locked with Ashley’s as she stared him down from where she stood. He could easily tell that she was pissed - obviously at him. It was clear that she thought he was the one who had killed the guy in the street, since she already thought he was a Vampire from back in the restaurant. The slightest hint of a smirk came onto his face as she started to turn away.

“Mermaid, huh?” He watched the brunette walk away, his eyes falling on the little girl in her arms, who he had assumed was her younger sister. However, when the emerald green eyes of the child locked with his own, he was hit with the same feeling of nostalgia he got when he saw Ashley. The eyes were exactly like his and Kiseki’s, but that was just a coincidence…right? Just like with Ashley, he felt like he knew the girl from somewhere; like they were connected somehow. A part of him felt saddened just from looking at her; like he’d just lost something, but he couldn’t figure out why.

“Are you okay?” Ichiru snapped out of his thoughts, looking over to Kotomi somewhat blankly. “You look like you want to cry or something.”

“What?” Ichiru’s expression quickly shifted back to what would be considered ‘normal’ for him as he turned to face his sister. “No, I’m fine. It’s nothing…”
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