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Default Pikachu and Friends In the Johto Region

Hi I made a roleplay thingy and this is my first time so don't be pushy my feelings are SENSITIVE. I like the johto region alot and all the pokemon so yeah i also remember digimon. Oh and Iv'e seen a of few of the RPs that everyone else has made so i might need a little help. Here's some info of me.
Species: Sneasel
um are you supposed to put your real first name or just make one up?
Name: Razzle
Gender: Girl/Female
Age: 9
Other good Info: Scared of ant pokemon/loves sour apple icees/Likes Rare candies/likes to socialize with other pokemon
The name was really hard to think of so don't steal it. Above where it says Species and all that if you want to join in on the fun just fill all of that long stuff.