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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

OOC: sorry I haven't posted yet and sorry for the short post.

"I better get going." Cobalt said to himself as he started walking out of the hotel he'd been staying in. He was going to put away his Mp3, but saw that it was on. He put them on to see what was playing.

As he went to go get it he glanced out the window and saw there was a new restaurant just across the street called Capitain's Inn.

"Hmm, it's almost lunch and I need a new place to stay in so might as well go." He thought. He packed his small backpack and checked out. He walked across the street and went to the restaurant and waited in line. he scanned the area to find a place to sit and felt that there was an animal watching him, but when he looked all he saw was a seagull picking at a french fry outside.

"Hey kid you going to order!"

He looked up and saw that there was waiter in front of him." Oh sorry I'll has a ceasar salad and a medium root beer." he waited and took his food.He started to eat, but when sat down he felt there was an animal here. He looked around and only saw a small group of people." I could of sworn there's an animal here." said to himself. He looked down at his salad and picked out the pieces of chicken. He realized that it couldn't be an animal and it had to be a Supernatural. He scanned the room and listend in to a few conversations.

" Okay so there's Caroline, Nalani and Ashley..." He thought. He was going to say something but it he knew he shouldn't . Cobalt looked at his food and his salad was done an his soda was finished. He started to leave when he went outside he glanced back saw that he left his backpack in there. When he went inside he smelled Vervain he looked for the source. He saw that it was coming from the table near his. There were twins there and one seemed to being affected by it. " Vampires" Cobalt said under his breath.

Some man named Joey came in and started talking to the waiter Caroline. "Are you what I think you are." said Cobalt to the twins.
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