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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

Shortly after Kiseki‘s episode, the twins noticed two more people enter the restaurant; a girl with long, blonde hair and a boy with her. Kiseki watched the girl for a few moments as they sat down a few tables away before he noticed her looking at him as well, which brought him to quickly avert his gaze to the table in front of him. His body still burned horribly from the Vervain he’d accidentally ingested, but he did his best to hide it from everyone else around him. A few moments later, Caroline returned to their table with two mugs of coffee and a basket with cold creamers.

“Here’s your coffee,” She said a she put the two mugs down in front of the twins. “And here are some creamers. There’s also Sweet'N Low, Splenda and Sugar packets right there.” At this, she pointed to another basket on the table. However, neither of the twins followed the direction of her finger, for when she pointed both of them could easily see bruises on her wrist. Ichiru scowled, and Kiseki looked up at the blonde with a mixture of question and concern as she spoke again. “I’ll be back in a few minutes to take your order.”

“Thank you.” Ichiru spoke for his twin once more, giving her a smile just before another male voice filled the restaurant.

“Hey Caroline.”

“Dammit…” The twins heard Caroline mutter as she looked down briefly before turning around to look at a guy with short blonde hair who stood a few feet away. Just from looking at him, even Kiseki could easily pick up the fact that he wasn’t a good person.

The two of them listening silently as she continued to talk with the person; thanks to their enhanced hearing they were able to catch most of the conversation - which certainly wasn’t a happy one. From the pieces of the conversation they heard, it was gathered that the two were a couple until something happened recently, and now the guy, whose name seemed to be Joey, wasn’t happy about it at all

“You are not breaking up with me.” Joey’s voice brought Kiseki to look over toward the counter, where the older male had grabbed Caroline’s wrists tightly.

“You keep on causing bruises on my wrists.” Caroline responded, her pain obvious in her voice as she tried to pull away from his grip.

“Good. Maybe hurting you is the only way to make you do what I want.” Joey smirked at the blonde as he responded, and Kiseki scowled, starting to rise from his seat but Ichiru quickly reached across the table and pulled him back down.

You’re already under suspicion. Don’t cause a scene.

But… Kiseki’s thoughts trailed off as one of the cooks came out of the back with a baseball bat in his hand.

“Let her go now!”

“This isn’t over, Caroline. Don’t forget, I’m always watching.” With that, Joey let go of Caroline’s wrist and walked out of the restaurant, bringing Kiseki to finally relax, watching the blonde disappear into the back. He gave a sigh and finally pulled the coffee mug to him, not even bothering to add creamer like he normally would as he took a packet of sugar from the basket Caroline had pointed out earlier and mixed the contents into the coffee. Ichiru’s gaze was directed toward the window as he did the same, watching the pedestrians walk by for a few moments. He thought he saw two of them running, but didn’t pay it much attention at first and instead looked back to Kiseki, who took a sip from the coffee to warm his body. A few moments later, three more waitresses entered the restaurant just as Caroline and the man from before came out from the back. Kiseki noticed the blonde wipe her eyes with a few napkins, which instantly let him know she had been crying. Ichiru didn’t notice this due to his back being to her at the moment from where he was sitting.

However, the older twin did hear the conversation that took place afterward, where Caroline was given the day off.
“Someone will be with you in just a moment. I’m really sorry for the wait.” The blonde said after turning to look at the twins, who simply nodded in unison as they watched her disappear into the back, reappearing a few moments later in a change of clothes. To their surprise, instead of leaving she went to take a seat at a table only a few feet away from their own.

Kiseki looked over to Ichiru after watching the blonde for a moment, the older twin knowing instantly what the Vampire was thinking.

“No.” He declined his brother’s silent question quietly so that the people around them wouldn’t hear, bringing Kiseki to scowl while the man from before walked over to Caroline with a bag of ice. Kiseki glanced back at her while she spoke with the man, returning his gaze back to Ichiru, who gave him a scowl. “Kiseki…”

“It’ll be fine.” The Vampire said simply before rising from his seat. Being the naturally compassionate person he was, he couldn’t just leave the matter alone. He’d taken enough drinks of the coffee to warm himself up, although his temperature was still slightly cooler than everyone else’s. Of course, that wasn’t enough to make others suspicious of him, since some people actually had lower body temperatures than normal. He walked over to where Caroline sat with her gaze on the street outside, taking a deep breath before finally speaking.

“I saw what happened…” He said softly, looking at the blonde’s wrists, then back to her. “Are you okay?”

Are you crazy or what?

Relax, can’t you see how upset she is? She wouldn’t hurt a fly right now. Ichiru rolled his eyes at Kiseki’s response, although a few moments later his eyes wandered over to the windows again, where he saw Joey still standing outside, watching Caroline from his place on the street. Somehow the sight combined with what he had witnessed here in the restaurant combined struck a fuse and he rose from his seat, heading out onto the street. His eyes flashed white from his irritation, but he made sure to keep his temper under control; otherwise he would reveal himself to everyone right in the middle of town.

“Hey, what the hell do you think you--” The dark haired teen started to confront the older male, but stopped when something caught his eye. Something lay in the middle of the street just a few yards away. It wasn’t visible from inside the restaurant, which explained why no one inside had noticed it. He walked over to the scene to stand beside two other citizens who were nearby. Now that he was close enough, he could see that it was a body which looked like it had been severely burned; the eye sockets were empty due to the eyes melting. The sight shocked the demon, especially since there was nothing anywhere around that suggested it could have been the cause of it.

Turning back around, Ichiru noticed that Joey had already disappeared, which brought him to sigh.

“Damn it…”

Kotomi ran back into town, the katana still in hand as she neared the Captain’s Inn. Further down, she could see a trio of people standing in the middle of the street, one of which appeared very familiar. However, as she grew closer, she noticed a body on the ground as well; what everyone else was looking at. The other two dispersed shortly after, seemingly in a hurry to get somewhere else.

“What happened?” Ichiru turned to see the dark haired female approach, shock appearing in both of their expressions as they saw each other.

“Kotomi…” He snapped out of it shortly after, looking back to the body. “I’m not sure. The only witnesses just ran off somewhere before I could ask. One of them had a video camera, so I’m guessing we’ll be seeing the story on the news tonight either way.”

OoC: Fail. D: Cut it off randomly so that I wouldn't cause a big scene with the ambulance and everything before everyone got a chance to finish their own scenes. xD
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