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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

Nalani Hyland

(with Kai as an NPC)

Despite how well the trip was starting, Nalani was nervous. People in the area were disappearing, Malana suspected supernatural activity, and warned vigilance. Of course, the younger girl kept cautious, making sure her wand was always within reach. She wasn’t the toughest of sorcerers, but had enough skill to protect herself from a minor attack.

She’d been walking for a little while, taking advantage of the free time to do a little exploring. Kai, her brother, kept a few steps ahead, often texting away on his cell phone. Occasionally, they would exchange some dialogue, but the siblings usually kept to themselves. Finally, after an hour of walk, the boy finally broke the silence.

“I’m getting hungry,” he stated, turning back to face his sister.

“Oh, do you want t-to stop to get something to eat?” she replied, though the girl already knew how Kai would respond.

“Of course!” the pale haired teen exclaimed, “Let’s go there.”

Nalani followed her brother’s finger, which was pointed to an establishment called Captain’s Inn. Despite being a motel, the sign read it also doubled as a restaurant. She tried to study the building a little before committing to it, but Kai, impatient as he was, was already heading toward the door.

“What are you waiting for?” he questioned casually, eyeing his sister momentarily.

“Nothing,” she answered, hesitantly following her brother. He responded with a simple nod and entered the Inn.

There were a few people inside, most of them around her age. There was redheaded girl being served by a waitress, with another blonde server making some rounds, also younger in age. What really caught her eye; however, were two boys, obviously twins, sitting at one of the tables. One was wearing a leather jacket, the other, a sleeveless red hoodie. The latter was a smidge paler, and appeared slightly softer the other.

“Nalani?” Kai calmly called, snapping his sister from her momentary staring. “Let’s sit here,” he pointed to a booth, not too far from the dark haired twins. He was met with a simple nod, as the siblings toke a seat.

The menus sat nicely on the clean table, offering a decent verity of dishes. It didn’t take him long to start searching for his meal, Lani, however, decided to give the room another scan. Nobody really appeared too suspicious… apart from those teenage boys. It was hard to tell, but she swore they were carrying some sort of weaponry. A little young to be law enforcement…

“I’m having the classic cheeseburger with fries,” Kai concluded, finally looking up from his menu, only to notice his sister eyeing some guys a few tables off. He waited a few moments, clearly satisfied with what he was seeing. She would make sure not too stare for too long, not only to avoid suspicion, but also out of politeness. It was hard though, the paler one having grabbed her attention… “Since when do you drool” her brother asked jokingly.

“O-oh! I-I’m not staring…” Lani responded in shock, her lie obvious.

“Sure,” he replied, stressing the “s”, forcing his sister into a slight blush. Again, Kai seemed satisfied, and decided against pressing on. “What are you going to have?”

“I-I think just a salad or something,” she stated with a slight nod.

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