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Default Re: Man gives up $800,000 for school district

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
Firstly, maybe inner-city schools, but not suburban since most schools (private and public) are federally funded, and that money comes from property tax.

Second of all, it is the way things are taught and the way education is treated. The education system holds smart kids behind, trying to catch up the stupid kids, which is unfair. Germany is different because it has three different schools for three different intellectual levels. Education is not supposed to be "fun", and teachers need to get back more authority from overprotective parents or whiny students.

Needless to say, it needs improvement.
I disagree; education should be fun (or at least try to form some semblance of fun) if at all possible. In my experience, a positive, jolly atmosphere in the classroom goes a long way in keeping students alert and on topic, usually assuaging any negative connotations toward a given subject that would make Student X dread trying to make an effort. Of course, there isn't and will likely never be a metric for this as subjective fun in the classroom is an individual case-by-case thing, but it shouldn't be something completely stricken from the realm of possibilities.

While I don't think students should have their education spoonfed to them, I do think that, in general, teachers should be the ones reaching out more than students (and should be getting amply paid to do so).

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