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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

“I actually moved here from London when I was eleven. I’m actually a famous actress and model so you might have seen one of my movies or maybe some pictures.” The girl, much to Ichiru’s surprise, gave him an actual response rather than the smart remark he had expected.

“Really.” Ichiru’s response came out sounding more like a statement, but he actually was somewhat shocked by what she told him. “My next question involved modeling anyway, so I guess I was right.”

Stop flirting, Romeo. Kiseki said mentally as he looked through a menu on the table.

Shut up. It took him a few moments due to having locked eyes with Ashley, but Ichiru glanced back at his twin while he responded just as another voice filled the silence, this one belonging to a blonde haired waitress.

“Everything okay Ashley?”

“It’s okay Caroline.” The girl, who they now knew was Ashley, responded to the blonde with a nod before looking back over to Ichiru. The dark haired teen was just about to say something before Caroline’s voice was heard again, making him stop shortly after he’d opened his mouth.

“Hey Ash, could I talk to you for a minute?” Ashley stood up in response, giving Ichiru a polite smile, which he managed to return before heading over to where the waitress stood.

Damn, I think she saw my fangs.

How could she not? Kiseki glanced up at Ichiru as he answered the telepathic message. You should explain about them before they assume you’re like me.

A few moments later, Ashley returned to the table to do something on the laptop, then turning to Ichiru with an apologetic look.

“I’m sorry but I have to start going. I’m sure I’ll see you around though if you stay in town.” She said, walking over to Caroline and handing her the laptop before the blonde disappeared behind the counter. Ichiru gave a nod, flashing her a smile in response.

“I hope so.” After the brunette left, he took a seat across from Kiseki, noticing a waitress with short black hair going over to tend to the other girl. Kiseki looked up at his brother, preparing to say something before Caroline arrived at their table with two glasses of water.

“My name is Caroline and I’ll be your waitress. Can I get you guys some coffee or maybe some lemonade to start you off?” She asked with a sweet smile. Normally Kiseki would have been the one to respond, but instead he was unable to answer, simply averting his gaze from the blonde. Ichiru picked up on this quickly and returned her smile, answering for his brother.

“Some coffee would be nice, thank you.” After he’d answered, he looked over to Kiseki, giving the younger twin a smirk when he met his gaze.

Way to bomb.

Shut up… Ichiru noticed the Vampire’s cheeks turn a light shade of pink, although thankfully his hair most likely hid it from anyone else. He chuckled softly, taking a sip of water from the glass. After a few moments, Kiseki finally regained his composure and did the same. However, as soon as the liquid passed his throat, a horrible burning exploded within him, making him cough heavily in response.

“Are you okay?” Ichiru looked at his brother in concern as he put the glass back on the table, the sound making a soft thud as the glass touched the table.

“Yeah… It just… went down the wrong way…” Kiseki managed through his coughing, although he quickly told Ichiru the truth through a telepathic message.

There’s Vervain in the water.

What?! Ichiru glanced down at the glasses. If Kiseki’s had Vervain in it, that probably meant his did, too. So Ashley actually had seen his fangs… Damn it, my fangs must have put us under suspicion. That’s probably what they were talking about before she left.

We can’t just leave though… that would make it worse.

But you took a big drink of that; the effects of it will make you weaker.

If I eat something, I’ll get some of my strength back. I need some of the coffee for warmth, anyway. The two stared each other down for a few moments before Ichiru finally sighed.

Fine. Even though he seemed to let it go, Kiseki could easily sense that Ichiru was irritated. Of course, they couldn’t blame Caroline or Ashley for taking precautions. There had been a lot of disappearances going on lately, and of course if you find a creature like a Vampire walking around you’d assume it’s their doing. But then again, Ichiru had said Ashley was a Supernatural creature too, so did that put her under suspicion?

Kotomi stared at the light reflecting off of the water below her, the surface sparkling from the rays of the sun shining down on it from above. She didn’t like having to sit here until she dried off, but if she went to the shore, it was likely someone would see her. She was finally drying off, thanks to the sun shining down directly on her, so it wouldn’t be much longer until she could go back on land. The sound of movement in the water made her look down, completely shocked when she saw a girl with brown hair behind it. However, it wasn’t the fact that she was there which was surprising. It was the fact that when she dove back under, Kotomi caught a glimpse of a copper tail beneath the surface before she disappeared. Was she just seeing things, or was there actually another Mermaid here in Homestead?

"Little fishy out on her own, bit dangerous isn't it?" Kotomi nearly dove back into the water out of shock when someone‘s head appeared beside her own, and a male voice sounded in her ear. She hit a button-like thing on the handle she clenched in her right hand, the sound of metal unsheathing filling the silence as the blade of the katana shot out while she whipped her arm around toward the man out of defensive instinct. However, her action proved too slow, for with a "Gotta dash.", he floated away from the rock and toward the town, and her attack missed. She gave a sigh, letting the blade retract as she continued to sit on the rock. Obviously that man just now had been a Supernatural creature. Humans can’t levitate. Whoever it was also knew her secret now, so that was just great…

The dark haired teen noticed her tail beginning to disappear then, shifting back into her legs as her clothes reappeared on her body in place of the bikini top and tail. Once her body had returned back to normal, she rose to her feet, keeping the handle for the katana in her hand as she jumped down from the rock to the sandy surface just a few feet away. She thought about following the other Mermaid, but by now she had no idea which direction she had gone in, so it was probably better to just follow the man into town.

With this decision, she carefully made her way across the line of rocks leading to the shore so that she wouldn’t get wet again and ran back toward town.
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