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OOC: Yaaaaay for horrific posts

The Thunderbolt lanced towards the Makuhita, crashing into it and breaking the concentration that Makuhita had on its attack. It grunted angrily and launched itself towards my Gallade, its palm outstretched and covered in a shiny white aura. However, Dual was on top of that too - his other arm pushed forwards and an air pocket blasted into the Wild Pokemon's feet, knocking it over. It stumbled into Dual, and both Pokemon went down into a snowdrift.

The Makuhita was the first to get up, and when it did, I saw that it looked a bit confused, and much less angry. It gave us a timid wave before retreating inside the cave we had just exited. It seemed like Dual's attacks had knocked some sense into it, or at least fought the Froslass off. Unfortunately, as much as Dual wanted to, I couldn't let him fight the Froslass. At least not at full strength - his typing didn't bode well regarding Ghost attacks.

“At least that didn't take too long,” Ivy commented. “Think those are the ones we were told to check out? It could be where the Froslass is.”

"We don't have any other ideas, so we might as well," I replied. I waited for Ivy to lead us onwards, but I wasn't particularly looking forward to what we were going to find.
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