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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

Azaziel scanned his surroundings as he teleported, using a power that he actually never really used, probably due to the fact that it was so unreliable in taking him to the location he wanted to go to. Sure enough, it messed up again, and he found himself floating about water, a lot of water. A sigh escaped his mouth as he looked around, his gaze locking on a Mermaid sitting on a rock. Azaziel studied the Mermaid for several moments, smirking as he silently floated over to the rock, his feet finding refuge on the rock, though making no noise as they made contact.

Azaziel leaned in towards the Mermaid, until his head was alongside hers, and opened his mouth to speak, a smile on his face.

"Little fishy out on her own, bit dangerous isn't it?" Azaziel asked, though he didn't wait for an answer as he needed to be somewhere, he had a Rugaru to catch. "Gotta dash."

With that, Azaziel floated off the rock, heading towards Homestead. It took him several minutes but he finally arrived on land, and walked calmly up onto the street, and headed straight into the Comets Rise bar. The bar was definitely not one frequently visited by the normal folks of Homestead, it was more of a biker hangout, but there was also a strong vibe of the Sugaru in the bar. He needed to stop the Rugaru before it killed somebody.

All Azaziel needed to do was stay incognito and everything would go according to plan. But of course, something just had to happen that messed everything up.

"Oi, why you got those sunglasses on in here, this is a bar, you don't need no sunglasses in here." a gruff voice spoke up on Azaziel's flank.

Azaziel glanced at the man, who was a large man wearing a biker jacket, who looked pretty annoyed that Azaziel was in the bar, and even more annoyed that he was wearing sunglasses.

"I don't like new people who ain't from round here, this is Comets turf, can't you read the sign?" the biker asked. "And will you take those damn sunglasses off?"

The biker reached for Azaziel's sunglasses, and tore them off of his face, revealing his eyes. Azaziel smirked, staring at the biker, his eyes pure black in colour. The biker however didn't step back in shock, he sprung into action, swinging his fist at Azaziel, who grabbed the fist, and snapped the man's arm, letting go of the man who collapsed to the floor moaning in pain.

"You Humans are sometimes pure idiots at this hunting business. Leave it to the professional." Azaziel stated, his gaze turning as he saw the Rugaru he was after burst out the doors of the bar, fleeing into the street. "See what you did now? The Rugaru got away, well done human. You're lucky I don't kill you for impeding on my justice."

Azaziel burst out of the bar into the street, looking from right to left, spotting the Rugaru fleeing on his left flank, and began to run after the Rugaru. Azaziel was faster than the Rugaru, but of course the people trying to go about their everyday business walking around the street would impede his path. However, Azaziel managed to stay at a reasonable distance to the Rugaru, and was slowly catching up, and soon was upon the Rugaru, kicking its feet out, sending it crashing to the floor. Azaziel grabbed hold of the Rugaru's throat, before smashing his fist into its skull several times, before unleashing a blast of power that obliterated the Rugaru's body.

Azaziel stood up, glancing from side to side, not noticing the fact that one of the civilians had taken a picture of him, whilst another was filming him, having caught him chasing after the Rugaru, and killing it. The body was still on the ground, and looked as if it had been very badly burnt, both its eye sockets now lay empty, the eyeballs just a goopy mess. Azaziel burst off running, disappearing down an alleyway, leaping up onto the fire escape, and climbing up the metallic stairs until he came to the roof, and he slowly made his way to his meeting point with a certain hunter. He was going to need some weapons for his hunt.

I hope everything is alright

By the way, edited my SU slightly.
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