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Default Re: Graphic Arts & Drawn Art HELP and Chat (ask questions here)II!

Originally Posted by Anastasia-R View Post
Since this is basically a discussion thread:

Do you prefer to make digital artwork or traditional artwork?
I prefer digital, because I love coloring on my tablet, and graphics are quick to make. Sprites are easy, too. Traditional is great, too, I just don't color as often with pencils anymore. ^..^;

So, what do you guys like?
I feel a bit mixed on the subject. I do adore digital mediums, even though I don't have access to things like tablets (which on the most part, really do improve graphic art). In fact, using digital art mediums helped me develop color sense and placement. Some of the most beautiful, eye-catching things have been made using digital sense.

Yet, I just don't think anything can compare to traditional art. The colors may be more lackluster and the lines not as perfect, but there's just something more endearing about traditional mediums. When one looks at a painting or drawing, I suppose they feel more of an attachment to it, because yes, there's a person behind that image and you can see the minute errors a person would make with their hands, the same hands you have (and that makes it more relate-able in a way).
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