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(OOC: This is probably one of my favorite posts. Of all time. XD Just sayin'. You picked a great battle ground. Also M please.)


The path was black, but it wasn't blindingly so. She may have just gotten used to the lack of light, or maybe there was some hidden brightness slightly illuminating their way. She had her hand trailing on the wall to her right anyway, just in case there was a sharp turn or a dip in the path. The stone eventually went from its rocky, cold surface to something a little smoother.

Mienfoo's mind was mostly settled, as far as she could tell. She and Haji had tried a little bit of mental connecting after he seemed to get used to them. Haji asked first, of course, with the idea that anchoring himself to their minds would help him not feel so alone and scared. The little fighter had been on board for that, and the humming resonance their connected minds created made Ivy feel a little better too.

When her hand ran out of wall, the way had brightened up quite a bit and they had managed to make it to a large room. It was bowl-shaped, the middle sinking down like it had once held a body of water. Rocks jutted up out of it, making pillars in the dirt dish. A form on top of the center structure drew her eyes immediately.

It was a mix between a dog and a fox, but it stood upright like a human. Blue fur coated its body, and its middle was cream-colored in the shape of a tunic. Spikes protruded from its dark-colored hands and its chest, and its ears stood up straight on the top of its head in a mirror image. A dark band wrapped around its face and pointed snout to bleed out into its ears, like a mask. Every inch of this Pokémon screamed fighter. She already knew that though, from what it was. Chainy had run into a Riolu earlier, and now she had come across the final evolution stage: Lucario.

Mienfoo started crying out in his squeaking voice as soon as they spotted the blue fighter, and Ivy was so surprised that he easily slid out of her arms and jumped on to the nearest raised platform. The little one skipped across them until he landed on the one with the Lucario, a happy aura waving out from him. Ivy's heart jumped as she felt a fraction of what the Mienfoo was feeling from the small connection they made with him. He jumped up and down with her pulse, asking the bigger Pokémon to pick him up.

The buzzing in her head picked up at the same time though, distorting the happiness. Haji's voice was instantly brushing up against her mind, sending his smooth inquiries to her. “Something is not right,” he said, and she agreed. She could feel it.

Then, the Lucario's eyes snapped open. Even from where she was, she could see the blue tint they had to them instead of their regular red. Her eyes widened and she made to call out as the blue fighter rose his right arm back to strike the Mienfoo.

Dual was on top of that though, and before any of them could blink, he was there, grabbing Mienfoo and teleporting back to the shelf they were standing on.

Ivy's heart felt like it was going to burst. She felt Mienfoo's despair before she saw the tears welling up in his eyes. It was like a bolt right through her. That empty, lost feeling bubbled up inside her as she felt what the little fighter was feeling. It was like finding her brother was gone all over again. She was lost, and there was no getting out of the black pit.

She brought her hands up to cover her mouth with her fingers bridging her nose. A clipped-off wail came out of her, and she clenched her eyes as she tried to fight back the rush of pain. The Lucario must've been the little one's guardian or pseudo family for him to be feeling this. It was awful, but she wasn't going to sever the bond. She wouldn't let Mienfoo go through it alone. She knew Haji felt the same.

Ivy's hand was already reaching inside her vest when the buzzing in her head increased and the images started to flash across her vision. She saw herself curled up under her covers for days, lost and alone with no other family left. She was walking down a busy street in another, dragging her feet like she was a zombie, seeing nothing that was really there as she tried to function normally. She didn't think it could get much worse, but then she saw a flickering image of Haji, curled up and shaking, and that's when she snapped.

“Stop it!” she shouted, glaring into the murky dark of the cavern. It was one thing to try and torture her, but she wasn't going to let it happen to her partners too.

Her limbs shook with rage at what the ghost was playing at. She couldn't prevent Haji from seeing what she saw, and apparently that channel worked both ways. Not only was she playing memories from Ivy's own mind, but she was playing Haji's as well. She didn't want him to have to relive that.

A Park Ball fell from her vest, the swirled green ball a token from her last run. It bounced on the ground once before opening in a flash of light. A chandelier-like Pokémon appeared, her five bluish flames lighting up the dim area. She wobbled and cooed her ghastly call in a question as the ghost took in the scene. Her arms curled and uncurled slightly, and her yellow eyes immediately scanned over Ivy and Haji to make sure they were alright. Her head flame dimmed a bit as she hummed again, and Ivy looked up to nod at her.

The girl stood up straighter and took her hands off her face, brushing away the traitor tears that had tried to leak out of her eyes. Haji was pressed tightly against her legs, his own eyes clenched as he was forced to see things he didn't want to remember. Ivy tried to block hers out, and her head flared in response to the defiance. “We'll be okay, Candle,” she whispered to her Chandelure.

Of all her Pokémon save Haxbat, the Chandelure had evolved the fastest. She had just gotten her as a little Litwick on her last run, and during her few weeks of vacation, she had evolved into her most powerful form. Ivy thought that maybe it was because she loved to battle, and she could do so better when she was stronger. She had always been ready for training, and that had been helpful. Other members of her team had gotten tired after a while, so they could cycle in and out less if Candle wanted to fight more.

“Do you mind fighting now?” she asked the ghost, already knowing what the answer probably was. The Chandelure hovered up and down in response, smiling happily. Her head flame danced brightly.

Every negative feeling Froslass was sending her way fueled her drive. Where once she would have broke down and succumbed to the horrible things she was feeling, she wasn't going to be helpless any more. The bond with Haji had shown her that she was never alone as long as they had each other, and she would never be that helpless little girl again. She had become a Ranger so she could gain the knowledge she needed to find her brother, and one vengeful ghost was not going to ruin that.

“Do you think this is just a game?” she called into the ceiling. “Toying with others like they don't have feelings, it makes me sick! We're not playing your games anymore. This ends,” she finished quietly. Candle called out her battle cry, the brave little ghost never backing down from a fight. Ivy turned to her and said, “I'd never ask you to do something I didn't think you could. Show them how it's done, Candle.” The ghost bobbed happily and floated out to the nearest stone pillar, facing the Lucario with a set look on her face.

Then Ivy addressed the blue fighter, thinking of how everyone was suffering. The poor Mienfoo was shaking in Dual's arms, ready to cry. She could hear the Hitmonlee's inhuman shrieks echoing her ears. She saw Haji cowering in pain in her mind. She could still feel the emptiness that wanted to consume her. She used all of it, and it gave her a steady stream of confidence and strength. Calmness, probably learned from her Espeon partner, leaked out of her, and she could feel the energy around them swirling.

“We will battle now, and we'll free you from your mind prison or go down trying.” Ivy knew that the Froslass probably had a very deep hold on this one, and it would take more than a few hits to knock him to his senses. She'd have to capture him. That was okay though, if he was willing. Part of her wanted to take Mienfoo home too, and if she had his other guardian, he might be more pliant. If not, she'd release them back into the Park once their business was finished. She'd be saddened if that was the case though. She was a bit attached to the little fighter.

She looked to Dual and nodded. “Keep him safe.” Then she looked back to Candle. “Alright, let's start off strong. First make a web of electricity between the pillars using your Hidden Power. If Lucario tries to step off, he should get shocked. He'll probably come over the top through. If he tries to get up close and personal, ram him with a Flame Charge and take advantage of the back spring. If he goes long distance, fire back with bolts from your electro-net.”

If this worked out well, Candle would use her power to manipulate the sparks that thunder Pokémon were able to generate. She could link it like a spiders web between all the stepping places. Just passing over it should let the bolts come up and strike the Lucario if he moved, and the Chandelure would be able to control them further if she needed to use them as an attack. It wasn't fool-proof though, especially if Candle was knocked off her platform.

“If he tries to hit you, flare up the fire around you and try to burn him with your ability. We're not taking any chances today. If you fall, try to avoid the electricity. At least if you're down in the bowl you can direct the bolts easier. Try to keep the net closer to the top of the pillars.”

Everything else was going to be in the Chandelure's hands. Ivy bent down to rub Haji's ears, and he finally opened his eyes. She could feel him trying to solidify the barrier between them and the ghost even more, and she lent him her strength. She didn't think they'd be able to completely keep her out since that buzzing in her head wouldn't go away, but it was a start.

Lightning started to cackle between the rungs on Candle's arms, and all they could do now was wait.


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
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