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Default Re: Man robs banks for health care

Originally Posted by Lusankya View Post
He wanted to, Republicans wouldn't have any of it.

Really it's not so much a problem with Medicare or Medicaid as it is with the ridiculously high cost of health care in America. We pay way more and get less than other countries, and I'm not sure that anyone really knows why, but I don't think it can be simply attributed to just Medicare or insurance.
I would still attribute this defeat to Obama's lack of leadership rather than Republicans trying to fillibuster everything. Obama could have still forced it throguh a fillibuster with such a large majority. He didn't specifically because he couldn't get his men in line.

Combination of factors, but insurance is a definite component of the problem. We know for a fact that insurance runs at 20+% administrative "costs" (i.e. bonuses for CEOs) where it is known that insurance can be run at as little as 4% administrative costs. We're talking about a minimum of something like 12-15% of trillions of dollars that could be in the system that's locked up by "administrative costs".

Pharmaceuticals are understandably trying to always make the case that it's expensive to develop drugs, so they can overprice new drugs when they come out. It is expensive to develop drugs, ranging in the billions over at least a 10 year time frame. However, there are ethical issues with some of the things these drug companies do that has yet to be resolved as well.

I was talking with an OR tech the other day about this. 80's was the time when docs, techs, nurses, etc. all made much bank. They've made less than they did 30 years ago, adjusted for inflation. We know for a fact that the people responsible for care are not the ones making the bulk of the cost of health care.
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