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Default Re: GYM LEADER Applications

Originally Posted by 3m0d0ll View Post
If the DQ thing is as Nate says, than that's fine, but reword it to something like, "DQ's (win or loose or whatever you want, Sam) do not count towards the five battles," or something like that.

Meh, personally I'm not a big fan of Sig. moves, though I've typed up and considered applying a few of 'em. I'm mainly being selfish about this, since I'd like to battle your Gym eventually and I don't want to have to fabricate Sig. moves. n____n||

So you mean if the challenger picks the Poison and Normal-types, then the battle becomes a 3v3/4v4 Double?
It is what Nate says. But I'll re-word it then for convenience of understanding sake. W00t.

If you'd like my badge, you better start loving Sig moves now, missy! ahahhahah. In all seriousness though, it's all part of the Gym, and something which also plays a major role in the Sevi-Goose battle.

About Zangoose and Seviper. The deal is that they always battle together. Doubles. But at the end of the battle, they're considered as One Type.

You choose Poison, Normal is added along. (One Type)
You choose Water (Two Type)
You choose Electric (Three Type)

The order of the Types can be either decided by the Leader or the Challenger (I'm falling for Leader here). So the battle would progress like this.

Suppose the opponent/leader picks Poison/Normal, during the first few rounds, there'd be a Doubles battle for Zangoose & Seviper against the opponent's Poison/Normal. If the Leader wins, then this battle goes to the me, and we go over to the next type. Suppose that's Electric. Then for the next few rounds, that battle happens and so forth.

I sends Zangoose & Seviper
Saraibre Ryu sends Kangaskhan & Muk

Battle starts...and if Sabi wins, the battle goes to her.

Sabi 1 : Leader 0

Next battle (in the same thread)

I send Eelektross
Saraibre sends Raichu

Battle starts..and if I win, the battle goes to me.

Sabi 1 : Leader 1

and so, the last battle determines the winner.

The reason why I'm so picky about Zangoose & Seviper about working together (always doubles), is because of their Signature Move; which I will be introducing soon. Look forward to it ;)


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