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Default Re: GYM LEADER Applications

Originally Posted by 3m0d0ll View Post
What do you mean 'no DQ'? Like, if I've lost or won by DQ, then I can't challenge you..? Er, that pretty much includes every member. xD I suggest you get rid of the DQ bit altogether.

So the Pokemon I send out has to have a Sig move? :/

Also, if someone picks 'Poison', you should make it mandatory that they pick 'Normal' as well, then another type so it's a 3v3 rather than 4v4. So yeah~ c:
Honestly, I was pretty much thinking the same, and I ended up LOL'ing throughout the night. Right, so I'll remove that part.

About Signature Moves, well, I'm kinda into them too much, and that's also a part of focus in my Gym, but instead of being a stuck-up in the ass, I'd just rather reduce it a bit. At least 1 of the Opponent's Pokemon comes with a Sig move? Hahahha, trying to promote Sig Moves here! Though if that doesn't work, I'd make a Optional thingy? I'll wait for Khajie or others for their input on this xD

Oh, and about Zangoose and Seviper. I like the way you implemented it, just to be clear though, in that 3v3, Seviper and Zangoose will appear as doubles (2v2), then the last Single Pokemon comes out.

Anything else? :D


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