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I turned around to walk away from the Makuhita, but it had other ideas. I heard some heavy padding and suddenly it jumped straight over us, blocking our path. It put its fist outwards and then pulled them in slowly. I didn't understand what it was doing, until Ivy called out that it was charging something. That could be bad - charged attacks were usually incredibly powerful. I was about to call out for Dual when I felt his aura explode. I turned to see his helmet and blades glowing bright green, cutting through the muted tones of the snow. It looked like he was preparing a physical attack, but I knew better. This was his Calm Mind preparation. His blades were linked psychically so occasionally when he was really upset they glowed too. My guess was Dual was just as unhappy as me about being delayed.

It was interesting that Dual had chosen to power up his long-range attack power as opposed to his physical abilities. It made sense, though - the Makuhita's strength lay in close-combat attacks, so attacking from long range would give Dual the advantage. While it was true that Gallade weren't especially proficient with special attacks, with his Calm Mind technique he could become powerful enough to take the Makuhita with ease.

"Nice choice buddy," I called. "Now, let's keep this short and sweet. Stay away from him and fire off your strongest long-range attacks!"

Dual nodded - he knew exactly what I was commanding. I avoided commanding out loud just in case the Makuhita could use the information against us, much like Ivy had versus the Meditite. However, Dual and I had long trained on these two particular techniques, and I was sure he'd pull them off with flair.

Dual raised his fist and electrical sparks began to play around his fingers and run down his glowing green blades. He pointed his palm at the immobile Makuhita and the playing lines of electricity doubled in size. They wrapped around his fingers and a bright yellow energy ball began expanding. If one looked closely at the sphere they'd see a tornado's worth of energy crackling around inside. When the Thunderbolt attack was ready, the stream would fly towards the Makuhita and hopefully blast it off its feet and convince it to leave us alone. I found it hard to believe that the Froslass' hold on a Pokemon could override its basic instinct to survive. And the Thunderbolt wasn't all - it would be quickly followed up by a blindingly-fast Vacuum Wave, Dual's only long-range Fighting move. We had trained long and hard, and it was only after visiting a move tutor for tips that Dual had perfected the technique. It was one of his favourites, seeing as it could simulate the base-level power of the Gravity technique. He'd throw his other hand forward and the pure power of his attack would lance forward, striking Makuhita hard and fast, hopefully at the same time as the Thunderbolt.
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