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Default Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

Since we have enough people and everyone's itching to start, it's probably a good idea to go ahead. The sign ups are still open to anyone who wishes to join, and anyone who doesn't already have three characters is more than welcome to create another. However, let's try not to overload the RP and make everything confusing. Anyway, here are the rules one more time.

1) No godmodding. You CAN get hurt, and your attacks won’t necessarily take out half of the face of the Earth.
2) No bunnying. Don’t control other people’s characters without their consent. It’s annoying.
3) No spamming. This includes OOC.
4) No flaming. Not everyone thinks or writes the way you do. Respect that.
5) Proper grammar and spelling are required. D0n’t typ3 li3k th!$. Please. User Microsoft Word or something to check your spelling. Emoticons are forbidden in posts as well. This does not include OOC.
6) No one liners. Please make your posts at LEAST one paragraph long. Writer’s block is understandable, but one line is not enough for a decent post.
7) Be active. If you have to go somewhere or simply can’t keep up with the roleplay, let one of the RP creators know beforehand.
8) No more than three characters. Normally there’s no limit on this, but too many characters per person can get very confusing.
9) PG-13 romance. You all should know what is and isn’t appropriate on the forum.
10) Have fun!

If possible, please state in your posts what your character is so we don't get confused with all of the different Supernatural creatures and all. xD

IC: Ichiru and Kiseki Kagami
Half Demon/Vampire (Hunters)

Soft clicking was the only thing that occasionally filled the heavy silence that hung over the room as Ichiru read through several articles on his laptop. The dark haired teen was stretched out on his bed with the portable computer in his lap. A few feet away from him, Kiseki laid on his stomach in a separate bed with a laptop of his own sitting near his head, having fallen asleep yet again while reading.

“You know, you’re not being of much help using the laptop as a pillow.” The older twin spoke without looking away from the screen, and Kiseki’s emerald eyes opened quickly before he sat up on his elbows.

“I’m trying…” He whined, giving his brother an irritated look when the older twin glanced at him. “We’ve been up almost all night doing this, what do you expect?”

“I told you to go ahead and sleep, didn’t I?” Silence was Ichiru’s answer as Kiseki returned his attention to the laptop screen. After a few more moments, the younger twin gave a sigh.

“This is harder than it should be… We don’t have any leads on what we’re looking for; just that people are going missing.”

“I know, that’s what’s frustrating about it. There’s no word on how they’re disappearing or if something is happening to them beforehand.” Ichiru answered as Kiseki rested his head back on the bed with a groan. “Whatever this thing is, it’s good at covering its tracks.”

“We could assume it’s just a demon.” Kiseki muffled reply made Ichiru look over to him. “They’re popping up everywhere lately, aren’t they? This could be the work of one.”

“Well technically every creature we deal with is a demon in some form or other…” Ichiru closed the laptop and put it on the nightstand beside the bed, giving a stretch as he looked over to his brother. “At any rate, I’m starving. Do you want to get some coffee or something? The Captain‘s Inn is just down the street.”

“Yeah, that sounds good…”

“Have you fed today?” Ichiru’s response was a simple nod before Kiseki closed his laptop as well, rising from the bed before returning it to the other nightstand.

“I did it when I got up to stretch my legs earlier.”

Ichiru nodded in response, walking over to pick up his leather jacket from a chair nearby and slipping it on as Kiseki stretched. He glanced at his guns lying on the nightstand near the laptop, hesitating for only a moment before picking them up anyway and putting them into the holsters strapped around his thighs. Kiseki gave his brother a questioning look, since they were supposedly just going to get some breakfast.

“You know as well as I do that there’s no way to tell when something will strike. Better to be prepared.” The older twin said, to which Kiseki nodded quietly, retrieving his own guns to do the same. The knife he kept with him had been strapped to his leg all night, so he didn’t need to retrieve it before they left.

“It’s weird how this town lets you carry your weapons around…”

“They think we’re cops.”

Kiseki looked at Ichiru in question, to which the older twin smirked.

“You told them we were cops?”

“Yup. How else would they permit us to carry weapons around?” The questioning look from his twin brought the half-demon to pull out a card from one of his jacket pockets, handing it to the Vampire. Kiseki glanced over the piece of plastic before looking at Ichiru with a scowl.

“This is illegal, Ichiru…”

“Yeah, and?” Ichiru took the card back from his brother. “Would you rather people be killed because we can’t bring our weapons with us?” He pulled out another card, this one with Kiseki’s picture and supposed information on it, and handed it to the Vampire. “Don’t lose that. It’s a pain in the ass to make these things.”

Kiseki gave a sigh, securing the card in one of his jeans’ pockets before following his brother out the door.

“You’re gonna get us arrested one day…”

Kotomi Kagami
Mermaid (Hunter)

A soft splash filled the silent morning air as a copper-colored tail disappeared beneath the surface of the ocean’s waters. Like she had been for the past several nights, Kotomi was getting some morning swimming in before anyone else arrived at the beaches. She had come to realize long ago that it actually wasn’t all that bad being a Mermaid, aside from if she was trying to hide it from someone - which she’d had yet to encounter. Kotomi hadn’t interacted with many people since she left her parents to begin hunting on her own, so she hadn’t had to protect the secret from anyone close to her. Not even her brothers knew about it, despite the fact that she had discovered it when she was thirteen years old.

However, Ichiru and Kiseki were actually the reason Kotomi was in this town. She had been tracking a Supernatural incident that had occurred in the town recently and had found out that her brothers had come to the town as well, which gave her the perfect chance to see them again. However, she had to admit that she was a little nervous after all of these years, although she had no idea why.

The dark haired teen returned to the surface, glancing around her to make sure there was no one else around before swimming over toward a large rock, where she knew she could dry off. The Mermaid held had brought one of her katanas with her, the blade currently hidden within the handle as she swam over to the rock quickly and pulled herself out of the water and onto the warm, stony surface. Now she just had to sit here until completely dry… afterward maybe she could head into town and look for any signs of her brothers.

OoC: Forgive me, I suck at starting posts.
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