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Default Re: GYM LEADER Applications

Gym Title: The Signature Elemental Master (Will make a better name later).

Description of Gym Theme: The Gym Leader has all 17 Pokemon types in his arsenal. Opponent picks at least 3 types and the battle shall commence from there. Best 2 out of 3 battles take the win, and challenger gets the Badge.

paperfairy chooses Fire, Water and Electric.

I will send Pokemon registered under those types, and he will do exactly the same, from his stats. It doesn't matter if they're pure typed or multi-typed.

paperfairy sends Houndoom, Ludicolo and Stunfisk
I will send x, x and x.

17 Pokémon planned for Gym Theme:

Chandelure - Ghost
Vanilluxe - Ice
Volcarona - Bug
Swoobat - Psychic
Samurott (currently Dewott) - Water
Rhyperior (currently Rhyhorn) - Rock
Sawk - Fighting
Golurk (currently Golett) - Ground
Eelektross (currently Eelektrik) - Electric
Whimsicott (currently Cottonee) - Grass
Metagross (currently Beldum) - Steel
Krookodile (currently Sandile) - Dark
Togekiss (currently Togepi) - Flying
Darmanitan (currently Darumaka) - Fire
Zangoose & Seviper - Normal & Poison
Hydreigon - Dragon (Rent)

Single/Double/Triple?: Single

How many Pokémon per side?: 3v3 and above (Depends on how many types the Opponent picks)

Are there Damage Caps or other Restrictions?: No held items, No chills, No direct recovery moves, No OHKO moves

What is the Gym Arena?:

The Sky Citadel Battle Square - Armaggedon

What are, if any, the requirements to challenge your Gym?:

- Challenger must have had an overall 5 battles (Doesn't matter if it's W/L/D, but no DQ).
- Pokemon they choose to battle in this Gym comes equipped with Signature Moves.

Special Note!:

- If the Opponent picks Poison (Type), expect a double Pokemon battle.
- Zangoose and Seviper will be battling together.
- It's still counted as one type battle overall, not two.

If paperfairy chooses Poison & Normal, Electric and Dragon, they're counted as 3 Type battles.




I think that's about the Draft I have for now. Open for questions, and shiz.


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