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We tried to leave the Spheal behind but it skid around in front of us, doing swirls and spins. Ivy nodded at me and I tossed the doll in my hand over to the side away from us. The Spheal tore after it and began spinning around it instead. I nodded back to Ivy and we continued onwards. There was a sharp right turn, but after it we were finally greeted by the sight of falling snow.

"Finally!" I exclaimed, rushing outside. Maybe the Froslass' hold on Ivy would be less pronounced out here. There was a set of caves lower down on the mountain, and somehow I knew that the Froslass was waiting in there for us. I pulled the hood on my cloak down and we began to walk down the slope. However, Ivy shouted, and I turned around to see another Fighting-type Pokemon looking menacingly at us. There was no doubt in my mind that it was another of the Froslass' warriors. However, I had no wish to battle the Makuhita - all I wanted was to capture the Froslass and get it out of Ivy's mind.

"Let's just move on, we're already past it," I called to Ivy over the wind. "If it chases after us Dual will send it packing."
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