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Default Re: The Move Tutor [Opening Discount!]

Pokemon you wish to teach the Move: Cayci, my Galvantula
Move you wish to teach: Reflect
Reasons which support your Pokemon learning the chosen move:

Galvantula Dex Entry:
'When attacked, they create an electric barrier by spitting out many electrically charged threads.'

Galvantula can learn Light Screen, the special attack variety of Reflect.

Jolteon could learn Reflect back in R/B/Y days, so seeing as Jolteon and Galvantula are both electric types, and Galvantula are specifically mentioned to make electric barriers, and can learn Light Screen, why not Reflect? That's a form of a barrier too.

Galvantula could make a barrier, and if something went and hit an electrical based field, I'm sure that be it a punch, it would cut down some energy since the Pokemon attacking probably not be able to feel their hand/claw/other appendage for the time they were attacking, so the attack would be cut in all sensibility.
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