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The Machop didn't seem too happy about us leaving. I acted quickly though, passing it a doll. The Fighting-type looked quite pleased at the present and looked around for a place to put the toy. It eventually settled on one of the higher-up steps. It huffed happily and returned to its exercise, jogging down the stairs and out of sight. I shrugged and continued upwards, leading our little crew towards the outside (hopefully).

We emerged in a fair-sized room that was mostly empty, barring a few large boulders. I was about to ask Ivy what we should do now when a small sphere whipped around from behind one of the boulders. It did figure eights and loops around the randomly scattered rocks until it finally came to rest in front of me. It was a Spheal, physically identical to the one from before.

“Changed your mind at all?” Ivy asked me.

"Nah," I replied, shaking my head. I pulled out a doll and prepared to throw it. Then a thought struck me.

"Smoochum and Machop and Meditite and stuff being in underground caves is perfectly natural, but I'm not so sure a Spheal is, especially when so far away from water," I mused. "Maybe we're getting close to the exit!"
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