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Default Rem's Art Gallery & Request Thread

Rem's Gallery

Don't have too much to show off yet, so this thread is nothing fancy.
You may request pictures of pokemon here when requests are open. I have a right to refuse your request. Specify whether you want color/shading/ect, species, Smooth/Pixel, and any details.
I do draw Gijinkas and other humans, but I'll need reference pictures along with what's listed above.
Requests are not First-come-first-serve.
All requests will be granted as digital drawings such as I have posted here. They can be banner-sized, or larger, or smaller.
I love to do art trades. Sometimes I'll be open for trades when I'm closed for requests.
Any pokemon art not marked otherwise may be used/colored/whatever freely, I just want you to ask me first.
And so, without further ado...


Valeana the Eelektross and Clarice the Ninetales (Uncolored)
Jitters the Joltik (Request for a Friend, DO NOT USE.)
Remedy the Eelektross banner for First Light Forum (Forum Banner, you may resize)


"Arms of the Angel" Val & Clarice (From "Judgement" Original fantasy story)
Clarice Request (From "Judgement" original fantasy story)
Zairsa Request (From Judgement)


"Breaking Heroes" Pokemon White Nuzlocke Page (Pokemon, do not use.)
Raksha & Darith Request (From Judgement)

(Do not use other peoples' requests, please, only your own :] )
Scolipede fighting Drapion - for Foxamivalth

Currently OPEN for trades
Currently OPEN for requests

[Aviendha: Zebstrika][Rand: Zekrom][Nynaeve: Haxorus][Egwene: Musharna][Lan: Scolipede][Moiraine: Samurott]

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