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Default Re: GYM LEADER Applications

Originally Posted by 3m0d0ll View Post
I don't believe I have; message it to me?

I don't like the idea of it being a 2v1 player battle because then the challenger knows what their teammate (themselves) is thinking and how to coordinate the attacks, while Sabi and Knight have to either guess, or discuss it with each other. :/

EDIT1: Also, Sabi, would you mind searching the Battle and Archives threads and add all the battles Knight has been in/is in to your post? P:
Disadvantage of that is it's only one mind versus two. One person may see something the other may not, being by yourself you may miss something, etc. Again I gotta wait for the Multi-Battle rules and a Double Battle Rules [since Multis run like Doubles with some changes] to be accapted. XD

I'll PM it to you and go find some of his battles in the archives and edit the post.
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