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Ivy nodded and led me onwards. There were plenty of rooms and passages that we passed through, and along the way Ivy captured a Meditite that was under the Froslass' control. We kept on moving though, and after fording a small stream we arrived at a staircase.

“Watch your step,” Ivy advised me. I could see why - the stone steps were slippery and covered in snow and ice. Nevertheless, we proceeded up them. We passed a Smoochum along the way, but that wasn't the only Pokemon we saw. A Machop was striding up and down the staircase, probably some form of cardio training. When it drew level with us, it stopped suddenly and turned its head to stare at us. It was incredibly intimidating.

“This one looks unaffected. Do you want to do a normal battle?” Ivy asked me.

"No, I'm right thanks," I said nervously. The Machop was really creeping me out. "Let's just keep going - we've got to get out of these caves as soon as possible."

I moved in front of Ivy to take the lead, and as I did so my hand drifted backwards to my pack. My fingers grasped ahold of a PokeDoll, preparing to give it to the Machop if the Fighting-type took offense at us leaving.
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