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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

(Sorry for the delay. You probably thought that it ended at chapter 10, didn't you?)

Chapter 11: Metamorphisis

You've seen my reasons behind my entrance into Eon Sky, and my loath of Avonu Voya.

Now, see my actions. Of course, I wouldn't let the 90% of you that would read anything for the action to be let down so easily! The start of the book was just the prologue to quite an interesting war. A three way battle - the Onlisk Republic against the Arbiters against Eon Sky. And you get to see it from my perspective. That could prove interesting for you, could it not?

However, we didn't do another raid after stealing Calypso for a few weeks. The Calypso would become our home, our transport, and our mobile command center, all at once, all very quickly. All of Eon Sky knew to bring everything important with them-even me. I would have told you that I did bring my Pokemon and my Pokemon toys with me, but apparently, there was a 'blacklist limit' that was made, saying you could only have so much censored cussword set down by the publisher, and if I included that small scene, I'd break the limit. Putting in the part about Issac going rapid-fire on the inappropriate word machine gun his mouth was about my survival took some work.

However, the immediate day after the escape from Rycogis, we were all called to a meeting by Mario.

"Alright then, our labeling as a Terrorist group has taken a whole new meaning with the last raid-I'm pretty sure they're not going to take priority one off the Arbiters, but I'm pretty sure they're not going to keep ignoring us when we're not doing anything." Mario said, kicking off the meeting. "Arbiters can appear at any time, and Onlisk or otherwise, they see a ship that isn't their own, and they will try to destroy it." Mario added. "Also, fuel isn't cheap, food isn't cheap, and water isn't cheap. We need guns too. We have to find ways to get them." Continued Mario, now sounding a little stressed about it all. "We all know what this means-Money. We need money. If anybody wants to donate, now would be a great time, but if anybody's got suggestions as to how we can earn it without being caught by the Onlisk, now's perfect." Mario said, almost pleading.

Nobody spoke. Nobody moved.

"...Of all the things you brought with you, you didn't bring money?" Mario asked.

"We did, It's just not on our persons right now. As for getting it, I can only think of robbing a bank or something like that..." Said an Eon Sky member.

"Alright, that aside...We wont be spending all of our time getting money. We WILL be finding raids that will cripple Avonu's ability to aide the Arbiters, we WILL be looking around to see if Avonu manages to get in other, less-than-worthy people into gov't positions, and, whenever needed, we WILL be assaulting Arbiters." Mario said. "So basically, same old-same old, save that we're in a ship instead of a cave at the bottom of a tavern." he added. "Speaking of which, next raid is in a week."

I walked back to my room, knowing that at least there was something to look forward to.

As I happened to, I decided to see if there were other routes to my room from here. I took a left where I should have taken a right, and then, just around a corner, I noticed it.

It was like a garage door, not coinciding with the automatic sliding doors in every other part of the ship. It was closed, and there weren't any windows.

"B**ch! Shouldn't have followed you." Issac said, appearing behind me. Then he noticed the garage door.

"Wonder what's in it?" I asked.

"One way to find out. You, open it." Issac said.


I reached down where the door met the floor, and pushed hard, upward.

Inside was blackness. Then a light came on.

"Holy c**p!"

If guns were million-pound diamonds, we'd have hit the mother load. It was an armory. Guns of all sorts were everywhere, neatly arranged. I couldn't even know which one was which. Everywhere, boxes labeled 'Ammo' left little space for walking in.

How in hell this got here, we didn't know. It was ours, and now we had guns.

"What is it?" Mario said, just happening to come around the corner and notice the door. "...Whoever found this first is defiantly in my good books!" Mario declared, looking at all the guns and ammunition. "I've never even seen anything like that one!" Mario commented, pointing at a gun unlike anything I've seen before either.

"I did!" I said.

"I did!" Issac said.

We both happened to say it at the same time.

"What the f***?! No, I did!" Issac said, louder.


"I agree with you." Mario said, backing me up.

"B**ch!" Issac said.

"Well, at least we have finding guns out of the way..." said Mario.

Feeling pleased at my find, I walked back to my room, taking the right path this time.

It took two days after this event for another to happen. Everything was so boring until something for better or for worse came about, but I wasn't sure about this one.

Whenever I let Scyez out of her Pokeball, she immediately held onto my head, thinking pleasant thoughts about my beret being a pillow. One particular day, I woke up to find her on my head. The only way to get her off is to take off the beret. Guess what? I did.

Sound immediately pierced my ear, shot through every fiber of my being, and all I could feel, not just in my ears but in every single fiber of my body, was pain, pain, extreme, unrelenting, horrible pain beyond comprehension. I couldn't speak or move, only managing to put my hands on my ears before I became totally paralyzed in all aspects, my heart stopped beating, I almost stopped thinking, I wasn’t breathing. The sound was killing me, suffocating me, torturing me...

If Scyez liked that I had removed my beret, I'd be dead. Scyez, still to fond of her position on my head with my beret in between, shoved it back on my head and put herself on it.

The sound immediately extinguished. I was panting, heavily, as my heart regained beating-yes, it was that extreme.

I looked up at a mirror. I tried sliding the beret off, very slowly. The speed I did that task was the reason I didn't die.

Halfway through sliding, I found myself looking at a small appendage, linear, indigo colored, poking out through my hair on the left side of my head. I was panicked, but the instant I was hearing more than I should, It was reason to keep my hand on my beret, keeping it there.

"No, no no! Pillow-top stays over HERE!" Dictated Scyez, pusing my beret back off my head. I only noticed she was the one talking because of the mirror. Pokemon don't talk. Moving more assuredly, I shoved it the other way, and exactly like the first one, there was another appendage, to the right of my head. This time, I kept my hand firmly on my hand, and prevented Scyez from moving it, allowing me to realize how just one could easily make my hearing...Extremely perceptive. I could hear Issac's cussing from the cockpit, and that was a bit of a distance. I attempted flexing it. The creepy part-it worked. It was just like any other body part.

I was pretty sure that shoving a beret on these additional ears wasn't it. Just in case, I withdrew Scyez, forcing her back in the PokeBall, and put the beret back on it's place atop my head. My normal hearing was back the instant I did. I really couldn't explain it. Maybe it was soundproofed, or something.

I let Scyez out again.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh, pillow!" She squealed, jumping atop my head.

"My head isn't a pillow." I said.

"Oh. Okay." Scyez said, getting off. "Wait, what are you? 'Cause you're head looks like a pillow, and it's soft!" Scyez said, gleefully.

"It's a hat!" I said.

"That means it's a pillow!" She said, jumping back up.

"Lemme rephrase that. It's a beret." I said.

"I'm not sure what that is." She said, climbing down.

"Something I wear because...I've got two ears on my head as well as these two, and if it comes off, they'll pick up so much sound it'll really, really hurt, beyond description, and it's soundproofed so I can't hear anything from those two ears at all. Oh, I could let one out, but that's about it, I think." I said, whispering partway through to deter the efforts of potential eavesdroppers.

"Oh! Oh, oh, okay!" Scyez said. "I thought it was a pillow. Oh, wait, what if it get's blown away by the wind?"

Considering the snowstorm I went through during a brief check of the woods a few days ago had some strong winds, and I never took the beret off while I fled the tower at some very fast speeds, I was convinced that it was also kinetically weighed-as in, it won't come off from such things as wind and other forces, only a sentiment creature's direct intervention. How it got like that, I'll never know.

"It can't get blown away by wind or anything else. Only if somebody tries to take it off themselves. OK?"

"Yep! Yep!"

At this point, somebody decided to knock on the door. I removed the lock, and the door slid away to reveal Mario.

"Ah, you've managed to keep her off your head, eh? It doesn't matter." Mario said.

"You said you've managed to hold off Gear until you could slam a massive gun at him, correct? However, Gear is adept at finding the weaknesses of others. Knight's Assent is the name for this skill, but very little is known about it...I've never seen anybody defeat Gear, and I've rarely seen anybody defeat anyone with Knight's Assent training. Gear's sparred with other Knight's Assent partakers, and they've came close, but never have defeated Gear due to his Legendary Volteer status." Mario said.

"It might just be because of a lucky environmental factor Gear didn't notice until it was too late, but even then, the skill to hold Gear off for thirty seconds with him wanting you dead is already ridiculous. But you did. I want to see if you have Knight's Assent. It would really, really help."

Gear had said quite sternly that 30 or so people with Knight's Assent is enough. However, that was before Gear tried killing me.

"Right now, Gear's probably kicking something because he gone and taught somebody Knight's Assent who'd join a Terrorist Group-but he had no reason to until right now." I said. "The only issue is that the chances that one person has the easily overlooked qualities for such a thing is slim as hell. It'll just be like learning another martial art if you don't have Psychic ability OR Seraph's Eye, not to mention a ton of Micro-qualities that aren't easily explained. If the rest of you already know how to do a Martial art or two, I may not be able to do more." I said, trying to make sure that Mario didn't try to overtax me. It would be unlikely that I'd ever be able to teach more than one person Knight's Assent at all.

"...Do you have amnesia, or something? Everybody knows one or two Martial arts, it's kind of a Volteer thing." Mario said. "And most of us have psychic ability, and I know two people with Seraph's Eye."

"That's not enough. I don't know enough words to tell you about these micro-qualities that one also needs. However...I can say with certainty that you've got the goods." I said. "Nobody else in Eon Sky, with the possible exception of Issac, has the needed trends." I added.

Mario blinked.

"What do you know?" I asked. I hoped that I didn't need to teach a Martial Art-It would be impossible If I had to, I only knew Judo and Kung-Fu.

"Uhh...Taekwondo. And Karate."

I focused on him...Taekwondo...and...

"You needed Taekwondo, that's for sure...and you need Judo, that's for sure too. I said.

"Huh? I thought they were all the same, minus the weapons..."

That lead to a very long discussion about what Knight's Assent was, with Scyez poking at whatever muscle Mario presented to her. Again, governmental issues prevents the remainder of this from ever being in anything public like this.

Come on, most of you would rather see me dead than in jail.

I still couldn't tell you what I did. I wasn't entirely sure myself. I was just...Yhea, Couldn't tell you, even if I was sure to the most absolute extent as to what I did.

But one thing burned fiercely in the back of my mind. First, I didn't have a human soul. However, Latries technically disconfirmed this. Now the problem was that I wasn't human at all-what human has ears like a cross between a knife and an antenna?

So I asked Latries.

"I don't know, Avalon, I just don't know. I guessed that powers should cross over regardless of form...Maybe there were some other things thrown in."

OK, I'm not human. Considering I've been human for most of my life, that was a cheery thought.
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