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Default [CONTEST] Who's That Pokemon? [Week 4! Ends 30th of October!]

Approved by Graceful Suicune

Welcome to my spriting contest, "Who's That Pokemon?"!
Every week, I'll provide you with a silhouette of a Pokemon splice that I made.

All you have to do is:
  • Fill in the silhouette with what you think fits there.
  • Color, shade, whatever you need to make it right.
  • Make a Pokedex entry of your Pokemon.
You Should Not:
  • Add pixels to the outline of the sprite. You can only use what is provided.
  • Use a previously existing Pokemon sprite. The silhouettes are made so that doesn't happen.

I will decide the winner. No poll or anything like that.
__/10 Shading
__/20 Creativity
__/5 Neatness
__/10 Coloring
__/5 Something Secret...
__/50 Overall

Week #1:
It's... Ivyal!
Sprites Used to Make This: Omastar, Vulpix, Surskit, Buizel, Cradily, and Persian!
Deadline: Next Sunday! September 4!!

Week #2:
It's... Clowip!
Tell me all the sprites I used to make this (In a PM!!) and you will get 10 extra points added to your score!! Hint: There are 6 used!
Deadline: Next Sunday! September 11!!

Week #3:
It's... Aqukistar!
Only fill in the black parts! Ignore the white parts!
Like last week, if you can tell me the sprites I used to make this (In a PM!!) you will get 5 points added to your score!! Hint: There are 4 used!
Deadline: Next Sunday! September 18th!

Week #4:

Deadline: Until I get 3 or more entries!!

Have fun, and I'm looking forward to your entries!
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