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Default Re: Moderation complaint

Originally Posted by Battlestar View Post
Yes I know they are spam bots.

However don't we have any global mods? So we just have to endure this?
What if some one lost explicit material? We need to wait for a mod to long in?
We have global mods, but that doesn't mean they can be online 24/7. If somebody decides to start spamming pornography and such, we're pretty much screwed until one of the Mods/G-Mods is online.

Like I said, the forum's lagging in activity, and that includes a lot of the moderators. It's a problem that should be taken care of, we just have to wait for the Co-Admins to come up with the fix.

Originally Posted by Ant2011
Eh, after a while you just get used to it and learn to ignore spambots...
Not everybody knows we get a lot of spam here, and having threads filled with advertisements for useless crap doesn't really give newcomers a good first impression.

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