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When my arm felt less burdened, I knew it was time to throw the ball. I whipped my arm back and threw the sphere towards the tired-out Riolu. The ParkBall struck the Pokemon's shoulder and absorbed it in a flash of red light. The ball rocked from side to side a couple times before flashing red. Sasha picked up the ball and brought it over to Ivy - apparently battling wasn't the only thing Dual had taught her.

“One warrior down,” Ivy said. She then turned to Sasha. “That one put up a good fight. You were pretty pro out there, Sasha."

Sasha smiled and avoided eye contact, apparently embarassed. She skipped over to behind Dual and rocked back and forth on her feet. Dual told me that he was very impressed with her, and I told him to tell her that I thought the same.

“Do you want to rest at all? It might be battle after battle after this, unless we find some other way to break the hold the ghost has over these Pokémon.”

"No," I said firmly. "If something is knocking around in your head, I want it out as soon as possible. Let's move on."
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