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Default Re: The Move Tutor [Opening Discount!]

Pokemon you wish to teach the Move: Excadrill
Move you wish to teach: Stone Edge
Reasons which support your Pokemon learning the chosen move:
Stone Edge

Bulbagarden describes Stone Edge in the anime as "The user launches summoned rocks at the opponent." Excadrill is a GROUND/STEEL type, which means that although it is not exactly rock type it has experience with the earth/ground. I think that it is perfectly feasible for Excadrill to be able to summon (or if absolutely necessary dig them up themselves) rings of rocks and shoot them. It takes no psychic energy whatsoever (non-psychic types are able to learn it) and therefore it's perfectly reasonable to imagine an Excadrill using Stone Edge.

Secondly, the number of Pokemon that learn this move through TM is absolutely flabbergasting. It seems as though almost all final forms of Pokemon learn the move, even if they are in fact not even of the rock or ground type? If a Breloom is able to summon and expel stones, so should an Excadrill. Breloom doesn't even have any relation to rocks at all! Almost all ground types excluding the Drilbur family are included; Golett, Baltoy, even Stunfisk! Therefore, it would be perfectly reasonable for an Excadrill to learn Stone Edge. It would dig underground with its shovel-like claws, retrieve rocks sharpened to a point, and shoot them towards an opponent; perhaps even use it like all of the others; create the rocks with rings of light.

Thank you for your time.
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Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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