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I watched carefully, waiting for the Riolu to burst up out of the ground. I could feel that Dual had lessened the Gravity modifiers around us, which was awesome. I didn't look back to see if Ivy was better - I refused to take my eyes off this battle for more than one second - but I heard the Mienfoo sigh happily, so I figured it was working for them too.

Suddenly, the Riolu burst out of the ground. Instead of the dirt spraying up like it normally would have, it just kind of fell around in large clumps. Sasha pushed off the ground with her legs and hand, avoiding most of the blow, but part of the Riolu's attack just managed to make contact. Still, it didn't look like she'd been hurt too badly. She managed to retain her balance, and she brought her glowing purple fist in front of her chest. Sasha then swung her arm back outwards, and a short plasma blade (about a quarter of a metre long) ejected out of her wrists. It reminded me a bit of the way cats stored their claws, except this claw was made of pure energy.

The Emanation Pokemon wasn't just standing around. It was having a hard time under the Medicham's Gravity, but nonetheless it had managed to create an ruddy brown energy ball that slowly grew in between his hands. It looked sloppy and unformed, like if chunky soup could be made spherical. He launched it towards Sasha with a weak toss of his hand, and the attack went on its way, comparatively slowly and its course veering sharply all over the place.

Sasha's own attack was ready. She slashed the blade down and a bit of it detached, spinning towards the Riolu. I'd seen Gallade fire long-range Psycho Cuts many times, and it appeared that Sasha could do the same. The spinning purple crescent collided with the strange gloppy Riolu attack, slicing a small piece of it off. This caused the attack to lose what little stability it had. The sloppy orb curved upwards and struck Sasha in her shoulder, pushing her backwards but not over.

Sasha's attack, on the other hand, was much more effective. After passing through the Riolu's energy orb, it whipped around and crashed into its target almost from behind. Dust and small fragments of stone were knocked up into the air, only staying up for seconds before the Gravity knocked them back down. Thankfully, the Riolu was still conscious, and it was also incredibly weak. I could see its thin little arms shaking violently as it tried to get to its feet. Well, that wasn't going to happen. The time to attempt my capture was now.

I dropped my pack onto the ground and zipped it open, pulling out an ordinary Park Ball. I didn't have many of them left - I'd have to purchase some when we got back to Headquarters.

"Alright Sasha, drop the Gravity!" I called out. Throwing a PokeBall with it up would be next to impossible.

The Medicham raised her arms again, and began emitting blue pulses, like she had before, except now the Gravity was being weakened as opposed to strengthened. I held the ParkBall in my hand nervously, swinging my arm in a constant back-and-forth arc, testing the gravitational field as it fell. As soon as it was lowered enough, I'd ditch the capture device as hard as possible towards the Riolu. Hopefully Sasha could remove the Gravity before the Riolu could get another attack in.
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