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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Sixty-Three Up!

Opening her mouth in a wide yawn, Cami sat up. Her dreams had been blank, although she was grateful that no creepy premonition nightmares had occurred. She glanced around, noting that the sun was well in the sky, although the blizzard made it difficult to determine just what time it was. That was a good rest…Except I have a crick in my back. And neck. And arms… The Huwing noticed Azelf meditating, raising an eyebrow. She decided against disturbing him, and instead set about grooming her wings, using a brush to smooth them down and get gravel out of the feathers.

Within a few minutes, Azelf also broke his strain of meditation before he too glanced outside, investigating the time of day and gauging how much further they would be able to walk for the hours given to them.

“So,” the Huwing stated without deviating from her brush strokes, “has the storm calmed down even a little bit?” It was quite clear she was itching to fly. If this storm wasn’t here…We’d have already reached the top!

The Pokemon sighed as he hovered back to where he had been before checking the outdoor conditions. “It’s calmed down slightly, but nowhere near enough to fly in it. At least, not with wings; even ones as strong as yours.”

She snorted. “I could probably still fly in it regardless…I’m not weak.” Cami pouted slightly, folding her arms and glaring at the blizzard outside. If looks could kill, the snow would be melted to water, and then vaporized.

Azelf snickered at this response, although he began wondering how much longer it would take them to get to the peak of the mountain. It could be a few weeks before they made it.

The Milotic stirred next, opening her eyes and blinking a few times. <I forgot where we were for a moment. I must ask you, Azelf,> she questioned curiously while stretching her slender body, <why were you meditating?>

“It’s to keep my abilities under control. I’m the embodiment of willpower; in essence, the ability to move, act, and endure. As such, whenever I fly, I use some of that energy and a good portion of it is bound to escape and have an effect on those in the area.”

“Geez. Don’t go near Sonic, then,” Cami broke free of her trance, “or else both of you might end up exploding or something. The willpower in the area would be thick enough to cut with a butter knife.” She snickered, grinning.

The Psychic type seemed thoughtful for a few moments. “It’d be interesting to see what would happen if we fused, although I’m not sure that’s a good idea.”

The Huwing made a circle with her arms. “Like I said; you’d explode.”

Azelf shrugged, although he glanced back towards the entrance of the cave, his senses having caught the feeling of a possibly hostile Aura. His eyes narrowed as a result, and he used telepathy to tell the Huwing and the Milotic to stay hidden in the cavern. After this, he used his psychic abilities to form a shield of invisibility over his form and then cautiously investigated what he had sensed in the storm outside.

<Be careful, Azelf. Even as a Legendary, you cannot afford to be careless…> Safire called out after him, while Cami quickly hushed Amy as she began to wake up. The Milotic turned to look at them carefully, but said nothing. She was concerned enough as it was.

The snow was blinding, leading it to be a white out even for the Legendary. His senses were jumbled from the disturbances Mt. Silver created, so he couldn’t be sure if there was a violent Aura out there or not. Squinting, he thought for the briefest moment he saw a vaguely humanoid shape, but the illusion was gone in the next second.

With a barrier raised around him, Azelf was suddenly thrown back as three claws on an oversized paw smashed into it, sending him into the ground. The bipedal bear that stood over him glared with red eyes, the beard of icicles stained a dark grey. Its white coat was tainted to such a deep purple it could have been black, and the snarling visage painted on its muzzle was truly terrible. Raising a claw, the Shadow Beartic’s paw glowed with dark energy as it brought the Night Slash down on the barrier once more, cracking it due to Azelf being partially stunned from the initial attack.

However, the Legendary’s mind worked quicker than his body would have, and his eyes took on a sheen of gold before a rainbow coloured beam of energy shot forth from the gem on his forehead in the form of an Extrasensory attack, slamming into the Beartic. The Ice type was sent flying several feet backwards from the blast of energy, and this gave Azelf time to begin hovering once more, although he prepared an Aura Sphere in preparation for the Beartic’s retaliation.

Shaking its head, the bear roared, a ball of blue energy tinted by darkness gathering in its jaws. From that ball, multiple streaks shot forth, the Ice Beam impacting on the shield and forming into ice. The creature rushed forward, slamming another Night Slash onto the barrier, shattering it in an instant.

Azelf darted out from the debris and shot the Aura Sphere at his opponent before hovering higher in the air, out of reach, while small flames became visible in a sphere he formed around his paw-like hands before they flew forward in the form of a Flamethrower attack. The Fire type move hit the Beartic who was, again, driven backwards; however, it had braced itself for the attack, and thanks to the muscles in its hind legs it managed to hold its ground relatively well.

Seeing it would need a different tactic, the Ice type held both of its claws out to the side as two very large, sharp pieces of icicle-shaped ice formed. Once the frozen matter had grown further in size, the spikes were hurled at the Legendary in the form of an Icicle Crash. Azelf managed to dodge all but one of the attacks, which skimmed the end of one of his tails, partially shredding it as a result.

With a hiss, the Willpower Pokemon’s eyes took on a bluish glow before shockwaves of psychic energy manifested themselves around the Beartic, slamming it around in an almost comedic manner before smashing the Freezing Pokemon into the ground. Azelf remained hovering, keeping a cautious eye on his opponent; however, he wasn’t unaware of the pain the end of his right tail was in, and therefore healed it while analyzing his enemy.

Even as the Beartic got up, a pulsing blue energy slammed into it, sending it backwards right as a wave of fire further damaged it. Safire and Cami were ready to fight, having sensed the attacks and energy being released. The Huwing glanced at Azelf. “We have to keep it rather close, or else we’ll lose sight of it in this storm! I can use Sunny Day, but I don’t know how long it’ll keep the area clear.”

He nodded. “That might be the best idea; it’ll power up my fire moves as well. We’ll have to weaken it before I can use Shadow Claw.” As he’d spoken, the Beartic got to its feet once again before firing off a blast of icy cold wind.

Safire’s eyes lit up briefly as a Protect took form around herself, which the Huwing hid behind. A ball of red energy gathered in her hands as she shot the Sunny Day into the sky; a few seconds later the blizzard cleared as the sun became bright. As the Icy Wind came to a stop, she jumped above the Milotic, launching a spiral of flames that trapped the Beartic, further inflicting damage.

Azelf added his own Flamethrower attack to the move Cami had used, increasing the power of the Fire Spin to a dangerous level. The Beartic was unable to move while the attacks were in effect, but once they had finally worn off, it had been revealed that the Pokemon, while charred and severely burned, was still standing. The faint smirk on its muzzle seemed to indicate that it somehow had enjoyed being roasted alive, although the brief momentary peace didn’t last long before it called forth a Blizzard attack to obstruct the sun and disappeared under the cover of the snow.

“Crap!” Cami stated, shaking her head. Summoning a Fire Spin around herself, she watched as Safire created a wall of ice in order to protect herself. “This isn’t good, Azelf…It’s hard to sense it, and now we can’t even see it!”

The Psychic type’s amber tinted eyes narrowed as he re-formed the barrier around himself before carefully surveying his surroundings. “Complaining won’t help anything; we just have to be on guard.” Shortly after he spoke, the Beartic launched itself out of the cover of the storm and attempted to use Night Slash on the Legendary. However, the only thing that it accomplished was being shocked by a painful blast of energy from Azelf’s shield before it was blasted backwards by another Aura Sphere.

Cami directed her Fire Spin towards where it had fallen, encircling it within yet another round of fire. “Maybe, but it won’t go down easily. It’s so blinded by pain and the lust for killing that it doesn’t care what happens to it…And if we take too long a break, it’ll heal.”

“That’s why we have to finish it off now instead of later.” However, while they had been talking, the Beartic had dug its way underground to escape the Fire type attack. The chunks of snow, rock and dirt being flung into the air alerted the Psychic type of this, and he warned the others.

The Huwing nodded, ceasing the Fire Spin before gripping Safire by her midsection and using her strength to take into the air. The wind from the blizzard was powerful, but the Huwing knew if she stayed close to the ground yet still out of reach from the Beartic, she could handle it. “Safire, get ready to use Hyper Beam. I want you to nail it when it comes out!”

<I agree.> Came the simple response, although the energy was already gathering in her jaws.

A few seconds passed – which felt like hours – before the Beartic launched itself out of the ground and lunged towards the airborne Milotic. When the Hyper Beam was fired, however, it was deflected by a green shield over the Ice type, and nothing could stop it as a Night Slash came down on the paused Pokemon’s body.

The blow knocked Safire out of the Huwing’s grip, who retaliated with a Flamethrower on the Pokemon. Safire, in the meantime, shook her body as blood dripped from the gash on her throat. Having recovered from the Hyper Beam, she breathed green energy tinged with yellow, the Dragonbreath slamming into the Beartic.

The Ice type was unable to move fast enough to dodge the attacks, so it used a different tactic instead; clones of the creature scattered around the battlefield as it used Double Team to evade the Flamethrower and Dragonbreath. Seeing this, Azelf formed several Aura Spheres and sent them flying at the clones, knowing that they would dissipate if they weren’t real.

The real Beartic had managed to remain out of sight, instead sticking to the cover the storm provided to recover a little while waiting to see the course of action its other opponents would take.

Cami landed beside Safire, checking her wound. “It’s not as deep as I thought it would be. It’ll heal up fine.” She quickly told the slightly worried Milotic, who nodded. “Azelf, can you sense a general area where it is?”

The Psychic type was silent for several seconds, cautiously scanning the area before he shook his head, the ruby gem upon it glinting in the storm. “No, I can’t. The spacial distortions are making my Aura Sight pretty much useless.” However, even after he’d caused all the clones to dissipate, an Aura Sphere remained charging upon one of his hand-like paws, ready to be flung at the slightest hint of provocation.

The Huwing hissed a little. “Great. The longer we wait too, the more its injuries will be likely to heal. It’s probably listening to us and figuring out how best to rip our guts out as we speak.” Cami added on dryly. There was a slight advantage for her – her white clothing and silvery wings helped disguise her in the blizzard, perhaps even more so than the Shadow Beartic’s changed coloration. It provided little protection against the cold, however.

Azelf nodded, although he kept his eyes on the surrounding area. Several seconds passed that seemed like hours thanks to the howling wind before their opponent made its move. It lunged out of the cover of the storm at a wickedly fast pace and while it wasn’t fast enough to evade the Aura Sphere sent at it by the Psychic type, it managed to hold on through use of Endure. As it did so, it lashed a sharp claw forwards at the Huwing, aiming for her chest as the limb took on the shadowy sheen of Night Slash.

Safire, however, managed to notice quickly enough, and used her tail to knock Cami out of the path of the lethal attack before loosing a Hydro Pump at the Ice type. The Water move impacted the Beartic but did little to slow its progress, causing the Night Slash to sink into the Milotic’s flesh; the smell of fresh blood met the air, and this seemed to only work the Shadow Pokemon into a frenzy of slashing and clawing while the red liquid swiftly stained the snow upon the battlefield.

A pair of powerful Aura Sphere attacks from Azelf slammed into the Beartic, doing critical damage and sending it flying back several feet although it was clear from the Legendary’s wary glance at the severely injured Milotic that the injuries that had been dealt may not be able to be healed.

Even as Safire collapsed onto the ground with Cami swiftly running to her side, the Beartic continued its advance. Before it could lunge again, a giant oversized red hammer slammed down onto its skull, stunning it to be batted away by the pink hedgehog. “I try to get some sleep, and you come out and ruin it!” She glanced over, making her way to Cami and the fallen Milotic. “What happened?”

“I almost got hit, but she knocked me out of the way.” The Huwing stated shakily, beginning to haul Safire back to the cave. Amy, having had enough foresight to bring bandages, was wrapping her wounds even as they walked, although she kept a keen eye on the recovering Beartic.

A few moments later, the Pokemon lunged forward once more, but was promptly met with another pair of Aura Sphere attacks to the face, driving it backwards. However, this time, Azelf struck through the resulting smokescreen and as it was blown away, the move he had used was revealed as Shadow Claw. The Ghost type technique slashed through the Beartic’s body, causing it to distort horribly before crystallizing and shattering as the product of the attack. The Shadow Pokemon had finally been killed, although judging by the small amount of sadness in the Legendary’s eyes as he followed the others back to the cavern, he wasn’t too pleased with what he’d had to do.
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