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Default Re: Individual RP: WinterVines

(OOC: I changed my mind about trying to capture. If it fails, oh well.)


Meditite copied Haji's strength increase just like it had knew their move before, and even though the Espeon didn't take much damage, she still didn't like it.

“Ivy, the Meditite has Telepathy,” Chainy called. “It can read your thoughts!”

She looked over to Chainy before back out onto the field just in time to see the fighter call down rocks on her cat. Haji was always good at dodging though, and he managed to evade and turn his momentum into a moment to attack. Meditite flew back into the river like she had hoped. Really, it was just a distraction, since the creature was chattering her teeth together and rubbing her arms. She didn't have much else, especially if her thoughts were being read.

That was interesting then, since Telepathy usually only made it easier to share thoughts with partners in order to plot and evade attacks and such. Could the ghost be helping it? Manipulating its powers into something more? It seemed like she learned very little from her break then, if random wild Pokémon were breaking into her head that easily. She always tried to keep a bit of a guard up, just in case, and she had thought she strengthened it earlier because of the ghost's messing around.

It seemed she had a lot to learn then, if a wild Pokémon could break through both her and Haji's defenses. What would happen if someone really skilled or dangerous tried to break through? Oh right, the Froslass already had, and now they were on some sort of battle quest as they tried to reach her. She made a frustrated sound as her nails dug into her palms. It shouldn't really matter anyway, as the Meditite would simply hear them if they called moves out loud anyway. Maybe hearing them as thoughts gave her a couple extra seconds to prepare?

“Are you okay, Haji?” she asked, not caring if Meditite heard her. The cat nodded in response and made his senses come alive again, waiting for her next idea.

She supposed it didn't matter if the fighter heard her or not with the idea she was letting form in her mind. She shielded extra hard just in case that'd make a difference. She took another look around the room, seeing the flowing water and the glowing spots of plants in the enclosed room. Then she got Haji's attention. “The room would be pretty bright if we could light it up, don't you think?” she said, hoping Haji would get the reference. It wouldn't hurt to try and code their messages. “As Janice would say, kill it with fire,”she spoke silently, quoting someone from the office.

She wasn't sure Haji was going to get what she was telling him to do, but then she felt the amused waves coming off of him. He was smart, she knew, so he'd probably be fine. She got the idea from the glowing things in the room. Haji was supposedly going to use Sunny Day to make it seem like they were under the sun. The light that radiated from the burning ball that appeared should reflect off of everything, making it an ultra bright setting.

Then, using the power from the sun, Haji would unleash his Hidden Power. Espeon weren't able to learn any fire moves naturally, but Haji's power allowed him to manipulate the flames. If the light distracted Meditite too much, they could probably hit pretty hard. That was their goal now. She didn't want them stuck here all day. The fire would maybe help dry off the wild Pokémon too. Sure, they were battling, but she wasn't going to make it suffer. It wasn't her fault the Froslass picked on her.

“Then, kill the lights so you can use that art you taught to Candle. Just be careful not to knock her out.”

The art she was referring to was Shadow Ball of course, a Ghost-type move that tended to really wear down a Psychic-type's spirit. It was crafted a spinning energy ball from the shadows. It was neat to watch the darkness streak forward and join in the attack. That's why Haji would have to kill the power to the makeshift sun. If there was too much light, there wouldn't be enough shadows for him to use. The darkest place was between two objects, but even so, that might not be enough. Going from super light to very dark again might throw her off too, and that was going to help for what Ivy was going to do next.

The two attacks should be enough to wear the fighter out to capture. She pulled a Park Ball from her vest pocket and palmed it, twisting the ball around in her hand as she waited for the action to start. She'd wait to throw until after the Shadow Ball was launched.

Haji gathered energy, and the flow of the room changed. The stone on his forehead began to glow bright, and the Espeon prepared to bray to the ceiling. Ivy tensed to throw.


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
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