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Default KO'ing a ghost

Have any of you successfully made a 1st Generation ghost faint?

I found a way to! I took my Level 80 Ditto from 'M, fought a Chandler, transformed to Ghastly, moved around the moves, switched to something better to kill it, found a wild ghost, smashed A on Super Glitch, then the music faded out. It wasn't doing the trick after smashing A after the type glitched and music faded, so I switched to Golbat. The TMTRAINER effect occurred anyways. Dead ghost, zero EXP, freeze. Has anyone gotten past the freeze? It's normal for my Blue Version cartridge to crash after TMTRAINER battles are over. It used to crash whenever I clicked on Super Glitch. It's like it has gained "immunity!" I've also noticed that it's taking longer and longer for it to work, if at all, even though I don't save. Is my game growing on Super Glitch? And has anyone else killed a Lavender Tower ghost?

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