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Default Re: Buzzer's PE2K Ref log (BMG = Fail)

Battle 873
Items off
SLP/FRZ/OHKO/Evasion clauses on
Sandstorm Weather/Snow Terrain
Oreburgh City Gym Battle

Gym Leader SLCalamity vs Challenger Ayotui

SLC: Kabutops, Excadrill, Aerodactyl
Ayo: Cradily, Gliscor, Omastar

Kabutops' Mega Drain scared off Omastar for Gaydily, who scared off Kabutops for the Excadrill. Excadrill got Gastric Acided, then didn't sub on Ayo's Confuse Ray ... which was odd. But the set up Drill escaped con to get a Metal Claw Rise. Gaydily fell to this so Gliscor came in Earthquaking. Aero was sent out after Drill was dropped to 9%. A Stone Edge miss from a Rock Polished Gliscor meant Aero could KO with Ice Fang. Omastar came in Shell Smashing, but Aero taunted first. For some reason Ayo decided to let him get a hit by not Surfing and useing Ice Beam. Kabutops came out again and Mega Drained its way to Victory.

tl;dr = lrn2battle

SLC wins: $2000 + Defend
Ayo loses: $1000
I ref: $1500

Current Wages before 22/08 = $56500
Current Wages after 22/08 = $10000
Total Current Wages = $66500
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