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Default Re: Individual RP: ChainReaction01

As soon as I heard the Riolu squawk surprise, I knew my plan had worked. The Fighting-type's little body sailed out ungracefully from his hiding spot, his legs and arms flailing in all directions. He crashed into one of the hanging rock pillars, crumbling it into small pieces and falling to the ground. I threw the Fragrance overarm towards him, and the improvised grenade cracked open, releasing a fine pink mist into the air.

The Riolu stumbled out of the pile of rocks and fell face-first onto the ground. He got back up onto his feet, but then he fell back onto his rear end. His head was rolling slightly, but I could tell he was watching Sasha very closely. Suddenly, a blue flare erupted from his head, and Sasha was knocked into the air like she'd been hit by a baseball bat. She crashed into the right-most wall, and the cavern shook ominously. As the Medicham got to her feet, the Riolu watched her closely. His eyes slowly narrowed, as if he was concentrating very carefully and imagining all possible plans of attacks. I had been right in remembering that Riolu didn't have great special attack, but they DID have Nasty Plot, which could make up for their laughable long-range base stat.

Just as Sasha had finished picking itself up, the Riolu jumped skilfully to his feet. He raised his arms into the air, and I felt some wind begin to stir, which was impossible underground. However, I could see air distorting and bending throughout the cave, winding around the ceiling and weakening it. I could hear and feel the hanging rocks threatening to fall and crush up.

Apparently Ivy noticed this as well. She backed up, herding Haji away with her feet.

"Chainy, look out!" she cried.

I looked back at her. She looked worried - no doubt she was afraid that this was a big problem. In actuality, it was not.

I grinned at her.

This was a perfect opportunity to use one of my favourite moves of all time. One that Specialle knew, and that Dual had a working knowledge of, even if he couldn't use it too well in battle. It was a truly powerful technique, only granted to some few Pokemon. Luckily, Medicham had access to it, and I intended to use it to thrash the Riolu.

"Sasha, use Gravity to take hold of the rocks and throw them towards the Riolu," I commanded. "Then, keep the Gravity field going - considering your Calm Mind and the Riolu's Fighting type his movement will be hampered. That's the perfect time to really f**k it up good with a Dynamicpunch."

The combination of Gravity and Dynamicpunch was a brilliant combination, one that Jakk often used successfully. Medicham were not affected by their own gravitational fields - in fact, with sufficient training they could use their Gravity techniques to fly, if only temporarily. Unluckily for the Riolu, it would not be able to resist the technique. This was where Dynamicpunch came in. Normally, it was an incredibly inaccurate attack, usually due to the concentration and careful aiming required. However, considering the Riolu would be pinned down by its own weight, Sasha should easily be able to deliver the blow. The strike would also jar the Riolu's head - hopefully that'd slow it down and confuse it a bit, allowing Sasha to get the upper hand. I hadn't used her strongest move yet - that was being saved for the finishing blow.

Sasha stepped forwards confidently, raising her hands into the air, her posture a perfect mirror image of the Riolu's. Blue pulses of energy began to shoot out of her as her own gravitational fields established themselves throughout the cavern. Once they were ready, she would have complete control over the force of Gravity inside this area. I considered asking Dual to shield us from the effects, but I knew Sasha would lessen them here by herself. It'd still be a bit harder to stand for a while, though.

The rumbling stalactites threatened to fall faster with the increased gravity in effect, but they also started to glow blue. Sasha was deliberately altering the flow of gravity around them so that it was actually easier for them physically to fly towards the Riolu as opposed to falling straight down. I knew as soon as those rock structures took flight, the Medicham would dart towards her opponent, her fist glowing bright white. Seeing as she was part-Fighting type and her Pure Power boosted her physical prowess immensely, I couldn't see a way this wouldn't sting.
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