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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Twist the Garchomp
Lost Icelands

Twist didn’t bother looking at the food, he knew he shouldn’t even be answered. “That was... really easy. I suppose that’s fair enough. I’ve seen what the black knights have done. I’ve seen dozens of pokemon murdered by them. Anyone who could pose even the most minute threat to them would be worth checking out. I have a score to settle with them...” the garchomp said grimly. “I guess you do have the right to attack me, but you would be wasting precious time. You have better things to do. We both know that the black knights caused this... this nightmare of a world. You should be looking for a way out of this wasteland and start searching for them.”

“You should rest. You teleported pretty far from where we woke up, it probably took alot out of you. I’ll be out around this area looking for food if you want to find me again. I'm not gonna take yours” Twist said as he started to walk off.

OOC: Still short, but getting better. I’ll revise the other post so that you dont talk soon, alright?

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