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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 9: Hell's Luck

The sudden recruitment into Eon Sky's ranks was unanticipated, nor was I exactly pleased about it. However, they knew about Avonu. I was still sure that it was a sharp turn for the worse.

I managed to get into the orphanage, saying I got into the wrong Monorail. Nobody cared too much. Anybody could make that mistake. As a small bonus for it being Christmas, I got a figurine pack of two. I opened the pack. Inside was something to trump Gear's Palkia-A Shiny Mewtwo with the number 3500 and the words 'Ultra' on it, and eight small digits beneath the word were also visible at close range, reading 'A4D6S3T5' Whatever that was, I was easily confused. The second one was a Watchog with 562 and nothing more. The Watchog was quite creepy.

I finally decided to read the manual about the figurines, and wasn't disappointed-first off, the bigger the number, the all-around stronger the toy is. That made Mewtwo and Palkia just flat out awesome already. Second, text under the number generally meant something good. The list of abilities noted 'Ghost up' as an ability that powered up Ghost types and 'Rapid Fire+' as a special feature to allow a period of rapidly firing off moves, but had no reference to 'Ultra' at all. It did say that there were Pokemon with special abilities, not listed in the manual that were really off-the-charts strong.

As you could probably guess, I rocked at Pokemon Figurine tournaments ever since. You don't lose with what I had.

That was the highlight of the days to come. I shouldn't have introduced the Orphanage to Scyez-she had a habit of messing with people. Then again, she had no sanity whatsoever. All the boys in the orphanage were irritated the most, mainly because of short tempers; but I couldn't do a thing to stop Scyez, and any attempt to use Pokemon against her was almost useless, as she could easily fight without need of commands. I abused this when actually Pokemon battling-my first fights were landslide victories in my favor because my opponent didn't know what to dodge, and in some cases, how to dodge it. Nobody owned a Psychic type either, probably the only thing that would work. That only made the orphan boys more frustrated. Using the Palkia and the Mewtwo toys and the large key in the figurine battles that the boys actively participated in was also an irritation to the rest of my homeless roommates, and even without either of those toys and the large key, I never lost: the Glaceon I obtained had Shadow Ball and Ice Beam, and most of the kids hadn't anything outside of the starter pack, meaning most of the kids used stuff below 800+ mark, and the one toy that defeated the 839 with an 872 was a Tropius-easy work for an Ice-type. You'd be furious too, with the inability to ever win against a person at your favorite thing. However, with Legendary-rank Volteerisim, attacking me was out of the question, only heightening their loath of me.

The members of Eon Sky took as much liking to my recruitment as the boys took a liking to me.

"Mario, you've got to be f***ing kidding us?! Teal chose a KID to get into Eon Sky?! Are you absolutely sure about this?!" Issac-the young guy I followed to get inside Eon Sky's base- yelled, adamantly refusing to believe that his former leader was in the right at all.

"Considering that SEVERAL of his predictions were dead-on accurate and always happened, I'm pretty sure Teal didn't choose Avalon here to join-He was forced to." Mario-the muscle man from before.

"Yhea, but WHAT kind of reason is there for a twelve-year old to join?! What mother-f***ing, bull***t excuse of a reason is there ALIVE to let him join?! He's just a kid, he'll get himself killed, and we'd be arrested for kidnapping!"

'WHAT you are about to hear, gentlemen, is PERFECT reason." Mario said.

"Now, we are in knowledge of a special ship. These ships are the newest, cutting-edge tech models, which are to be delivered to the head of Military special forces, Gear Pesse. These models include one small-sized carrier, five Gunships, and ten fighters. These models came through the hands of the Hugarok, meaning that these ships could be the worlds best fighting ships. However, as with anything, Avonu's prying eye will be gazing upon the blueprints, and the Arbiters could easily mass-produce all of them." Mario said. "They will be shipped to Gear, during the night before new years eve-The 30th, if you don't know when that is." said Mario. "Teal has left some final instructions-we must take these ships before Gear gets them...And miserably for us all..."

Mario paused. He kept a straight face, but nervous emotions radiated from his mind.

"You jack***!! Don't tell me we got to bring HIM! He'll do something stupid and get us all caught, or worse!!" Screamed Issac, his face searing with anger, throwing whole of Eon Sky into uproar.

"The alternative is to leave him be, lose half of our men, and make the rest of us be discovered." Mario said, still serious-and slightly relieved that he didn't have to be the one to say that I'd have to go.

That shut everybody up.

"Teal insisted that this kid was in possession of abilities that can easily make the difference! He made himself invisible to get in here, for instance, and if it wasn't for me already being in knowledge of the event, I'd have never noticed!" Mario yelled. "It is to my knowledge that this kid has got Legendary-Rank Volteerisim, and the training to go with it! There is no way that any guard could EVER stand up to that!"

"One more thing...As he joined...Is there a Pokemon Egg for this guy?" queried Mario.

A Eon Sky member, clad with reddish jeans and a black hoodie, came running up, delicately holding a large cylinder container, visibly showing a Pokemon Egg. Mario took the container, presenting it to me.

"As a member of Eon Sky, you'll be getting this egg of a Dragon-Type Pokemon. You can do whatever with it, but I don't know what's in it." Mario said.

Later that day, I asked Latries what to do.

"If you don't go to the raid with Eon Sky, you'd basically be murdering fifty people that know Avonu's secret, and right now, we don't know of anything else Like Eon Sky. I think that, for now, we'll have to roll with it, and hope to duck out of as many raids as possible in the future." Latries said. "I know as much as you do about them, but I'm pretty sure considering their secret, traitors won't be dealt with lightly."

That didn't comfort me much. My luck was becoming worse and worse with each passing day, and what did seem lucky to begin with was now turning against me. There didn't seem to be an end to it, either. I wasn't sure who to contact or what to trust. It was a nightmare.


The 30th. I was dreading it. They'd collect me after the curphew-9-o-clock, and I kept an eye out at it, even while attempting an insane battle with Mewtwo against every orphan boy's figurines, to which I was winning with a combo of Psystrike and Aura Sphere. However, the battle was briefly deterred.

The egg that I had been given was hatching.

Every orphan in that room was trying to look directly at the egg, me most of all. The first cracks were made quickly, then more, then more...Some orphan girls from the other room ran in just to look.

The egg had taken a severe blow to one side, and was about to give way to reveal the Pokemon within at any moment. Many of the spectators looked on with even more intensity.

With another severe blow, the egg broke apart, revealing something that sparkled.

A Shiny Bagon. Green and all. Well, it was a Dragon-Type. It had caught sight of me first.

Some of the boys grew even more jealous instantly, and all of the girls left because Dragons weren't their thing. One orphan yelled out: "Where do you get this stuff from?!"

"Luck. Sheer luck, absolutely nothing more." I said.

And with that, I decided to get Mewtwo to use another Psystrike, taking down another figure. The massive, insane attempt to try to topple the unbeaten Pokemon figure champion of the orphanage was back on. I had to admit, those figures were addicting.

The Bagon hopped up, staring at me with great interest, as an Aura Sphere took down a Golem figure. If my Pokemon knowledge served me correct, It thought of me as a parent. I petted it's head.

And after this brief distraction, I quickly returned my attention to the battlefield, where there were but a few figurines left, but I was almost out of health. 'Lucky' me-there weren't any Dark-Types left. I thought that this would either make them really mad, or finally grant some respect, as not everybody could survive this long on one Pokemon toy, even if it was as beefed up as my Mewtwo figurine. It was a fifty-fifty chance, I guessed.

I was just about to wrap it up, against one last figurine (A Garigafig at 793), the last deterrent from victory, but I was briefly puzzled, as neither of my two attacks were super-effective.

"Bagon! Bagon!" The baby Bagon called. I petted it's head more, then decided that Aura Sphere would hit harder. I shot once, missed, tried again, and it landed, sending the Garigafig down. Aura Sphere's in toy battles weren't the same as Aura Spheres in the game-they could miss.

"Babababababababa!" The Bagon screeched. I stroked it more, until at last, I saw the outraged faces on the orphans, seething in fury beyond description. There went respect.

I took the Mewtwo figure, the Shiny Bagon, and ran like hell, as they at last decided that the risk of attempting assault on a Legendary-Rank Volteer was now worth it.

I wasn't going on the offensive right now, as I didn't want to hurt any of these less unfortunate people, so I ran all day long, at times hiding in whatever nook I could, escaping them for hours, and others being forced out of several failed hiding spots and forced to run to another. Above all, I avoided physical confrontation until at last, the head of the orphanage came and forcefully restrained every one of my pursuers.

By the time that was over, I looked at the clock. Two hours remaining.

I ate the dinner slowly, still keeping a sharp eye on the device that would tell me when I'd partake in the raid that I was so nervous about. I finished last for that. However, even with angry glares at every other orphan boy abundant in the room, one of my eyes couldn't be wavered from the clock, telling me what time I'd have to do the very thing I thought I'd despise myself over...Time seemed discombobulated, blinking shaved three minutes off the clock, sneezing sent me into the future by a third of an hour...And, before I even knew it-


I went into the bunk I slept in easily, finding that not looking at the clock really helped me breathe easy.

I didn't want to dream before they came, because I'd either be waken up from a good dream, or be forced to live through a nightmare-as if the whole Christmas Vacation week wasn't a nightmare in itself.

My heart was beating uncontrollably the instant the lights turned out.

...A whole hour passed...I'd actually feel a little relieved when they came...The wait was intolerable...

I almost fell asleep, but someone's rough hand came poking at my eye, waking me up.

I stared down. Who else to send for me than Issac, the very man who detested my joining more than anyone else in Eon Sky. "Get up, and get some clothes on you!" Issac whispered, giving me an angrier glare than some of the orphans.

I didn't hesitate-I even used psychic powers to get the clothes on me in record time. I didn't know why I put on the beret in addition.

"The Raid starts soon. I'll get you there!" Issac said.

I nodded, as we ran out of the orphanage, moving as fast as possible while remaining totally silent.

Outside, I felt just slightly relieved. Issac brought with him a kind of futuristic car, and I got in the back seat without even being needed to ask. Issac got in the front, but didn't immediately take off. "Listen, kid! Don't screw this up! I don't give a d**m for what Mario or Teal says about you, you're still a kid, and we will not be getting this chance again! Screw this up, and it'll be the last thing you'll EVER do, even if we all survive! Understand?!"

"Yes." It was barely a whisper, almost indistinguishable from the wind.

Issac drove like any sane person would, which made me quite comfortable. He obviously drove often, for even though driving in Cavix was quite similar to driving on earth, the signs were still confusing for someone that never drove a car before.

All the while, nervous thoughts still ran through my head. I didn't want to kill, I didn't want to die, I didn't want to be here at all, I didn't want any of this to happen, I wanted to be at home, with my family, no matter how much of an annoyance they could be sometimes.

Nervous thoughts apparently could accelerate time, for Issac had stopped and told me to get out.

I refused to hesitate, almost leaping out of the seat as if the comfy leather was suddenly replaced with white-hot metal.

"Follow me!" Issac ordered. I didn't want to lose him-we seemed to be in the forests that bordered Cavix. Through every movement, I followed without questioning, only altering my movement to avoid spiky vines that Issac brushed up against, cussing whenever they stuck to him. Other than that, I refused to leave Issac's trail.

I saw lights in the distance after a few minutes of travel. One minute more, and I saw what made the lights.

Eon Sky had set up a small base here. No tents or funiture, but there was a green fire going in the middle. Mario was sitting on top of a fallen log, and when he noticed my arrival, he took my hand.

"Kid, I'd rather not let you in on this either, but I also rather not let fifty or so people die because I didn't. Mario said, reading my mind.

At least somebody agreed that I did not want to do this.
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