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Default Re: Individual RP: WinterVines

(OOC: This one would lead into the Froslass one then I think, if I got the timeline right.)


The little Swinub continued on like they weren't there, finding another one of those tunnels in the floor and disappearing down it. There were more as they traveled through the cave, but none of them seemed interested in them. Mienfoo liked to watch though. She saw his eyes get bigger as they tracked the little pig-moles going from place to place.

Then, there was a loud thumping as the walls shook. Mienfoo cried out as the girl stumbled. Ivy quickly grabbed on to the nearest stable object, a large rock in the path that was covered with snow. The frozen water was cold on her hands, but soon the shaking mostly stopped. Smaller shakes were being shocked through the floor at a more regular pace now, signaling that something big was moving. Then, down the tunnel, a Pokémon appeared.

It was a Mamoswine. The tusks were slightly smaller than normal, telling her it was a female. Her shaggy brown hair swayed back and froth, and her pig nose moved up and down slightly as it used the appendage to take in the scents. Her eyes were surrounded by an blue oval ringed with white, looking like a pair of snow goggles.

Mienfoo let out a tiny squeak at the large Pokémon, and Ivy laughed a little, soothing him. “Isn't she pretty?” she asked, pointing out the grace the big mammoth had despite her size. She had always liked Mamoswine. “Maybe the Swinub in the other room are her flock.”

“Oh damn, I think we'd better get out of that thing's way,” Chainy said. She agreed. She had no desire to get trampled today. “Unless you want to try catching it?”

Ivy shook her head, getting behind the large rock she had braced herself on and motioning for Chainy to do the same. She already had the Swinub, and if this Mamoswine was a mother, she definitely wasn't taking her from her young. Ivy knew all about that.

“I think I'll get a picture though,” she said. Then she looked at the Mienfoo. “Do you wanna sit with Chainy for a bit?” It would be hard to get a stable shot if she had the little fighter in her arms, as hesitant as she was to put him down.

The cream-colored weasel looked from one Ranger to the other for a second before nodding and holding one of his tiny paws out. Chainy lifted him out of her arms and put him on his back, and the little fighter automatically took a liking to the pack that was hooked around his belt. Mienfoo used it as a stepping stool, bracing his arms on Chainy's shoulders. He looked quite content to watch the large mammoth from there. Maybe he felt safe.

Ivy reached into a pocket in her cargos as she pulled out her digital camera. It was one of the newer, smaller versions, and it proved for easier picture taking. Now she could just print off as many copies as she needed instead of just having the one that she usually posted on the boards for collectors. She had a few nice ones that hung around her office from sights in the Park.

The way the light reflected off the ice patches was pretty interesting, and luckily there was enough of it for a good picture. She left the flash on anyway, and she snapped the shot just as Mamoswine was reaching their rock, so the angle was a little upward and to the side, making her seem like she was looking over the viewer in the shot. A collector would definitely want it if it turned out well.

Satisfied, she put the device away and nodded her head for them to continue on. Mienfoo looked content to stay with Chainy, so letting him get used to the man didn't bother her at all. She hoped he was feeling more comfortable now. Haji brushed her legs in affection as they took the lead, and then they continued down the path. She could see a room with a light dusting of snow and some hanging icicles ahead.


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
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