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Default .:|Eevee's Art Gallery|:.

.:|Eevee's Art Gallery|:.
Hullo, and welcome to my art gallery! C: I don't draw too often, but, I hope you enjoy my work anyway. c:

I'm planning on being a concept artist. I've been drawing for most of my life, but I haven't gotten quite serious until last year. Even then, I'm mostly doodling. I think you can tell between a doodle and the pieces I put serious work into. XD;

This thread will only have links to my drawings, I have far too many and sometimes they come out HUGE for whatever reason.

Not everything in here is just a drawing, some work is done with clay and the like as well!
Order is from oldest to newest. :3


-Absol Sketch
-Flareon Birthday
-Vaporeon and Flareon
-Cubone Pendant
-Pokemon Black Team Sketch
-5 min. Vaporeon Sketch
-5 min. Smeargle Sketch
-Pikachu Pendant


-Hand Sketch
-Flower Coaster
-Butterfly Bracelet
-Isaac Clarke (Dead Space)
-Suit Sketch (Dead Space)
-15 min. Optimus Prime sketch
-5 min. Mutant Lupe Sketch (Neopets)
-5 min. Wheatley Sketch (Portal 2)
-5 min. Eye Sketch

Flareon Line Art

Fennekin Sketch (No Line art)

Sandshrew WIP

Update log
-Jolteon, December 26th
-Flareon Line art and Fennekin sketch, March 12th.
-Flareon finished, March 13th.
-Shiny Furret and Sentret sketch, March 29th.
-GCEA drawings and WIP, April 9th.

|.:Art Gallery:.|.:.|.:Battle Log:.|
|.:My once trade thread:.|
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