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Default Re: Starting the Blaise (Ready For Grading.)

Leonard started giving Blaise a tour of the house. He thought it was nice-A kitchen with marble countertops and an island built-in; a living room with some nice couches and recliners and with a computer that could access the Pokemon Storage system, a HDTV, a Wii, and an XBOX 360; a enclosed back porch with a nice swimming pool and hot tub, leading to a dock where Leonard's large boat and Jet-Ski happened to be; a small tavern and billiards board in the basement; two bedrooms and two bathrooms, not counting the master bedroom and bathroom; a nice, large yard suiting for Pokemon Battling; and a large garage, suiting for what will be his new car, after he obtains the insurance money.

"...And this is your room." Leonard said, concluding the tour. He excluded his various mementos, making the bedroom so that it would seem less odd to the regular person, who wouldn't make sense of the decor he put in his other rooms. He had a small laptop that also accessed the Pokemon Storage System here.

"Thanks...Say...What kind of Pokemon do you have?" Blaise asked.

Leonard blinked. It was an obvious question, but one he never expected to be asked. And for the record, he had quite a lot of Pokemon.

Viewing them through the Pokemon Boxes were sufficient, but it would be much cooler for someone to see the Pokemon in person.

"I've got quite a lot. You already know the six Hilbert willed over, but I'll get to know them better later, on my own time." Leonard said, slipping the whole belt that contained six of Hilbert's Pokemon in the storage.

He then pulled out one PokeBall from the belt he was already wearing, and threw it. Scyez came out, and immediately noticed Blaise.

"Well this is Scyez. She's kind of insane, but she's safe to touch. Just don't hug her, I don't think you'll survive." said Leonard. Scyez was making funny faces at Blaise. Blaise giggled.

"You've already met Vyraz, but he's me in every kind of manner, save that he's a Salamance…and he’s too big to fit in here." Leonard said, pulling out another PokeBall and throwing it. A Zororak came out.

"He's Iiluz. He doesn't speak much, but he's really friendly." Leonard said, as he stared Blaise down with unthreatening eyes. "Been mine ever since he was a Zoura." Leonard added, taking out another PokeBall.

With a flash of light, a Volcarona appeared, wings ablaze. She took little notice of Blaise, and instead focused on her master. "This Volcarona is Eclipse. She won't take much notice to you, she only likes me." Leonard said, pulling out the last PokeBall.

A Jolteon appeared. She sat down obediently, smiling, wagging the tail she somehow obtained.

"She's Spark. Nice, obedient, a sweetie, and she has a tail. She knew Iron Tail, so I guess that triggers tail growth."

"Zour! Zour! Zourrra!"

A small Zoura, unnoticed by anybody until right then, trotted in, confused by all the commotion.

"Oh, forgot I let him out." Leonard said. Iiluz's gaze was suddenly stuck to the Zoura, and didn't stay away, as it hopped onto the bed. "That Zoura doesn't like me much, always nips my fingers, but otherwise, he's nice."

The Zoura immediately took notice of Blaise, and wagged it's tail.

There was a small period when Blaise and the Zoura wouldn't take their gaze off the other, and Iiluz and Leonard stared at either Blaise or the Zoura, moving their heads in unison, in a manner that could have been considered comical. At last, Blaise looked at Leonard.

"Can I have him?" Blaise said.

Leonard rubbed his fingers through his goatee. Blaise was an excellent trainer, or at least an excellent trainer prodigy, and it took no genius to say that Iiluz's son took far more of a liking to Blaise than he did to Leonard. On the other hand, it wouldn't help to give him a Pokemon. Blaise had to learn how to get a Pokemon on his own. Blaise wanted him, and Leonard liked it that the Zoura already took a liking to Blaise. But having four Pokemon to start training with was a bit of a strain...

"Alright, but you care for him, OK? Not me." Leonard said. "Like anything else you capture, it's your responsibility." Leonard said.

The Zoura made a highly accurate illusion to make himself look Like Blaise, and hugged him. Blaise was a little shocked by the mirror-like quality of the illusion, but was pleased by Leonard's generosity nevertheless. He'd take good care of it.


"So what are we gonna do now?" Blaise asked.

They were in a small patch of tall grass. It was where weak Pokemon dwelled, so it probably wouldn't be any matter to such a good trainer like Blaise.

"You have never encountered a Pokemon battle with wild Pokemon before, right? In it's natural habitat, territorial defenses on, you have never faced off against one wild Pokemon. Correct?" Leonard said.

"Yes..." Blaise said.

"Wonderful. Well, then, I'll leave you to it!" Leonard said with a grin.


"You'll train here, on your own, as you see fit. You will fight or flee from whatever Pokemon you think you should fight against or flee from. You'll fight as many or as few Pokemon as you wish. You may capture them or not. It is entierly up to you how you approach this situation." Leonard said, laying down the basic rules. "In the grass, you'll find Sandshrew, but I won't say another word about anything else that may lay in there." he added. "There's a bag of medical supplies right there, for reviving unconsious Pokemon, healing them, but it's not unlimited, so don't waste it all." commented Leonard. "I'll save your skin if you're in too deep, but I doubt that you will wind up that desprate."

"...Anything else?" Blaise queried.

"Yhea. If I'm asleep, and you want to leave, wake me up. I'm doubtful you'll be able to battle for as long as I'll let you, but if I'm asleep and it hits sunset, wake me up too." Leonard said.

Blaise was quite confused. This was the most lazze-fair style teacher he ever met. However, trainers trained against Wild Pokemon...

He entered the grass running, eager to face off against whatever Pokemon came his way. With a party of four, all ready to fight on, when would there be a problem? He stirred up the grass, revealing Poochyana, Shelmet, Buizel, Sandshrew, and even an Audino, and Blaise would take them all on, no regrets! He'd get stronger! He'd be the best!


"Wake up wake up wake up wake up!"


Leonard opened his eyes. It was sunset.

Leonard quickly was puzzled by the passage of time. Did Blaise really try to fight for that long?

He looked to the medical bag. There were several potions and elixers missing, but the Revives remained untouched. He couldn't have...

There was a Pokemon right next to Blaise-a Togetic. It evolved? Blaise may have never had contact with that Togetic prior to today, and it had become that close to him in hours?!

The Sandile, Zoura and Larvesta were all still unevolved (thouth Barlow didn't tell anybody the Larvesta was shiny, of all things), but now a Buizel had joined the party. They all looked tougher than when he last saw them (though he never saw the Larvesta before).

Leonard considered nothing impossible, and impossible nothing, but he swore that the 00.000001% chance for Blaise to show that much improvement in meer hours was going to be a missed one, but now, hell to that.

Was it improvement at all? Or was Blaise just too talented for this?


"So...Let me wrap up the reason behind your failure to hold them hostage..." Ghetsis said calmly.

"You were present at the room when Holly Ivy and Hilda Ivy were there, the first two, and waited as everybody was filled in. But, to your suprise, the last one in was a certian...Leonard Avalon Zyxino. He, the angriest there, and who just so happened to be armed, sensed your presence and shot one of you in the hip, fracturing the bone. You barely got away from him and the rest. However, you stayed long enough to know who got what, including the orbs. You also managed to witness Cheren said something about going to the mountains, my putrid son flying off on Reshiram, heading north, and Leonard had flown off on his Salamance, saying that they had to get to Undella Town. It is also noted that Leonard had a young kid there, obviously afraid of heights." Ghetsis said, summarizing the failure and important observations.

"Is there anything that I have overlooked, anything I misinterpreted, anything I mistook?" Ghetsis asked.

"No. Your version of the story is perfect. That is what has happened." The Shadow Triad said in perfect unison. "We are ready to receive punishment."

"It is not needed. Leonard was an unexpected complication, and even in blinding fury, his abilities far exceeded your own." Ghetsis said. The triad slightly loosened themselves, but not enough to make a fuss over. "However, it is apparent that Hilbert has willed them away to the three people that he knew could guard them better than any other: Cheren, my son, and Leonard." Ghetsis commented. "Cheren has proven to be able to have been quite the railroad spike in his youth, even so far as to possibly disallow my freedom by yourselves, and has taken the title of Unovan Champion in Hilbert's absense. He is determined, a very strong trainer in every aspect, and is now in the ownership of the Legendary Pokemon Terrakion; my son owns both Reshiram and Zekrom, meaning he can travel extremely long distances extremely fast, and does have the support of the Unovan populance as a whole, not to mention he is also beyond dangerous, as even without the twin dragons, he is still a maddingly strong trainer with access to Pokemon that even I wouldn't cross. However, compared to Cheren and my son, Leonard is still the larger threat. He has access to the Legendary Pokemon Coballion, he is in contact with some of the most dangerous people of all time, he is still impossibly powerful, is a master of hand-to-hand combat, is proficiant with most weapons, has great coordination with his Pokemon, and has the ability to influence people to my level." Ghetsis warned.

"Of course, you won't be fighting them directly. Stealth is your best suite, and it is ridiculous to get into a battle with one of them. Even if they are on high alert with the orbs, they still have weaknesses, all of them, and they are easily exploited. You will have access to whatever resource I can allow." Ghetsis said, deciding that they'd need more than what they had right now.

"We thank you for your generosity." The Triad said, still not missing a beat.

"Yes, yes...However, I will not tolerate another total failure to retrieve the orbs again. We need all three, but come back here without so much as one, and you will not find me so easy." Ghetsis said. "Even if ahead of scedual, we must refrain from taking our time whenever possible. We only have so many days, so it is a total failure if you cannot retrieve all three orbs before the third week of August, around when school starts." Ghetsis reminded.

"Of course, master." The Triad said. "We will retrieve the orbs, or we will face our punishment without hesitation."

"It is settled. For Neo Plasma!" Ghetsis said. The Triad vanished.

Ghetsis wasn't entierly sure that they'd get the Griseous Orb from Leonard on their own-Cheren and N had their own measures, easily breached. If Leonard hid something, however, the objects in question were either never found by another living soul, or the people searching for them were never found by another living soul.

But even Leonard would fall to the right bait...No, that didn't work last time. The last time, he had used Nate to lure Leonard out of his recluse, but Leonard already knew his ambitions, and like anything else, he was a step ahead...Leonard was the true puppetmaster behind the battle of Plasma Castle, if anything. It was actually beneficial that Hilbert foiled him, for Hilbert unwittingly saved his life...Irony, that Hilbert saved his life, and he repayed the debit by first attacking him, then making him a disposable bank. He would have laughed if he wasn't so angry at the occasion...His whole plan was rigged by that witty-yet-rowdy terrorist the instant his first desicion was to focus on derailing his potential efforts. Irony again, but he wasn't pleased by it. He seethed in rage. But he was untouchable. Had it been Leonard that summoned Reshiram, he would have fled outright.

But Leonard did not, it was Hilbert. Hilbert was a part of his plan ever since he heard of his son swearing that he saw a Snivy like a Trainer named Hilbert, but only as the backup should Nate fail-and he did. But he forgot his plan when N lost the battle of the twin Dragons, in the furious, all consuming wrath he was Intoxicated under, like if he drank too much red wine-

...That time, before Team Plasma started out, when he and Leonard were in close contact, and he had been intoxicated on red wine when he walked into a part of the unfinished castle. He barely remembered it! Did he tell Leonard his plans then?! Did he tell Leonard anything that was supposed to be under the wraps of his mind?!

"Triad, I must ask one more thing of you."

The Triad instantly reassembled in the room, appearing out of nowhere.

"My lord, how may we be of assistance?" The triad said in total harmony.

"Keep a special eye out on Leonard, even when you get the Griseous orb from him. If he goes anywhere, tell me at once."

"As you wish, Ghetsis." The triad said before departing.
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