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Default Re: Starting the Blaise (Chapter 2, Under construction)

Chapter 2

The ball settled down. Blaise did it.

Leonard ran through his small, brown goatee. The possible prodigy was already looking quite good. Anything Pokemon related, and he could do it as good as Alder, or Cynthia, or Hilbert. Or himself. He giggled inwardly at the last one.

Looking briefly in the mirror, Leonard caught the sights of himself, a seventeen-year old, worn from the three years of hell he had to endure when he was younger, with his beret, his infamous beret, a cyclone with non-symmetric indigo and silver, on top of the large spikes that was part of the Togekiss Bunches that he's had since twelve. The greasy hair was probably the toughest grease in the world, able to take on a 24 hour shower-a-thon in the world's most powerful waterfall, and still be there. The eyes of hazel were powerful, and Leonard had to admire how much his moustache had grown, even if there wasn't a middle. He also liked his goatee.

He was wearing a green, sleeveless sport shirt, two skintight black gloves, and short jeans, mainly because he dwelled in Undella Town. He had worn his black-and-blue sneakers only because he was going to Straiton, where it was still pretty cold.

He suddenly remembered to stop admiring his reflection, and check to see the damage. He quickly went to the front of the hood.

It was already bad. There was a big hole in the front. "Don't tell me..." He said as he opened the hood.

"HOLY DRILBUR!" He yelled. No less than five very mean-looking Sandile were making a meal of his car. Every one focused their attention on him the instant he saw the sight.

Leonard pulled out the Ultra Ball containing Scyez, and whipped it out. The madwoman-of-a-Lucario appeared with a flash of light, noticing the trouble now jumping out of his master's car, giggling.

Aura Sphere time. Scyez conjured a large blue orb, from which smaller spheres went flying from. Leonard taught her well. At this point, she knew what to do, no help required. The Sandile, unable to do anything to avoid a super-effective, never-miss attack like Aura Sphere, were hit dead-on, fainting on impact.

Leonard now ran to the hood, checking the damage. This car was beyond repair; everything that could be damaged without letting Leonard notice during a prolonged stay was damaged.

Blaise watched the whole time with absolute confusion and awe, when the Lucario came and took out all five Sandile with little fuss. However, he immediately decided to act when somebody important came walking over.

"Hey, Leonard! Someone's coming over!" Blaise said.

"Oh, thank Arceus!" Leonard proclaimed, looking at someone that could have been a lawyer.

"Good day, sir." The man said, holding his hand out. "You're Leonard Avalon Zyxino, I presume? I see you've been rather unfortunate..." He added, looking at his car.

"That's being optimistic." Leonard said. "And yes, I am Leonard Avalon Zyxino."

"In comparison to what I came here to talk to you about, than saying ‘it’s a total wreck’ is being optimistic." The man said. "I'm Barlow Gantrius, I am a lawyer, and I deal mostly with Wills...I think you know what that means."

"It means you'll airlift me to some city and tell me who died, right?" Leonard asked, nearly sarcastic.

"I won't be airlifting you, but Casteila is within walking range. However, that isn't important. You may be interested to know that those same Sandile may have been the killers of a certain...Hilbert Ivy." Barlow said, grimly.

The silence was enough to cut the Sandstorm short. Blaise's eyes widened with shock, and Leonard's jaw dropped.

".......You've got to be kidding me." said Leonard. "Hilbert's the finest trainer I've ever known, better than everybody else." he added. "Dying from Sandile attack? I can't see it."

"Neither can I, Leonard, neither can I...Follow me. This sandstorm is an irritation." Barlow said, gesturing to the gate back to Castelia.


An hour later, Leonard and Blaise were in a room suiting for interrogation, along with Hilbert's mother, Hilda Ivy (Hilbert's 12-year old younger sibling), Cheren Halas (Hilbert's best friend) and his four-year old daughter, Bianca Redwood (A new Pokemon Professor and another of Hilbert's friends) and her four-year old daughter, and Nate Harmonia (Hilbert's greatest rival).

Leonard looked slightly sad, but mostly furious. Hilbert was a great man; he donated to charity, was famous for his near-limitless generosity, and had about sixty years more of a lifetime of training his loyal Pokemon friends. The thought that any scum could kill such an innocent man who had never angered anybody, and who was one of the world’s best Pokemon Masters, was impossible...until today. Torn to pieces by five hit-Sandile, though, was still insanely unlikely.

Cheren was thinking likewise, Leonard could tell. However, he was more calm about it. Only his eyes showed fury. Everything else Cheren did was to console Hilda and Nate, who were crying softly. Bianca was on the verge of tears too, and Hilbert's mom was the only one there who felt sorrow without tears. The two young daughters didn't know what was going on or why everybody was acting so serious, but they remained silent.

Blaise watched the scene. Normally, he'd bombard everybody here with question after question, but the seriousness of the situation had shut him up. That, and the confines of the room made him feel just a tinge nervous...As if something was right behind him...

Then Barlow came, holding what could easily be identified as the Will. Hilbert knew that his travels could be fatal. He told Leonard personally. That's why he wrote one. Barlow sat down at the only seat that wasn't occupied, putting the Will for all to see in the middle. He then took out five belts, each with a different amount of Pokemon.

"The last will and testimony of Hilbert Ivy..." Barlow began. "To Ms. Hilda Ivy, Mr. Cheren Halas, Professor Bianca Redwood, Mr. Nate Harmonia and Mr. Leonard Avalon Zyxino, I present to you all a piece of the group of Pokemon I called friends, so that none go homeless..."

Barlow cleared his throat and continued. "Ms. Hilda Ivy, my younger sister by eight years, I entrust to you my Serperior, my Meganium, my Blaziken, and the Legendary Pokemon Virizion, all of who took a liking to you as much as they did me."

Hilda broke into tears at the mention of this, as a belt with four Pokemon was pushed over to her.

"Mr. Cheren Halas, my friend ever since kindergarten, I entrust you with my Flygon, my Raichu, my Golurk, my Charizard, and the Legendary Pokemon Terrakion, as well as the Adamant Orb, in the hands of the Flygon, in hopes you continue your quest to become a great Pokemon trianer, and that your daughter strives to do likewise."

Cheren broke out a tear too, just one, as a belt with five was handed over.

"Mrs. Bianca Redwood, another friend since an early age, I entrust you with my Klingklang, my Archeops and the Legendary Pokemon Mew, in hopes that they will advance your research, aid you in time of need, and will inspire your daughter."

Bianca burst out sobbing, as a belt with three was put into her arms.

"Mr. Nate Harmonia, I have understood your back story, and I still am inspired to see that you still pursue the ideal to fight against Pokemon injustice. For this, you will be entrusted my Samurott, my Emboar, and the Legendary Pokemon Reshiram, the last of which will be holding the Lustrous orb. May you never cease to right wrongs."

Nate cried even harder, holding out his arms to receive his belt.

"Mr. Leonard Avalon Zyxino..."

Barlow paused. He raised an eyebrow.

"You have lived through what Hell couldn't reproduce. You have become a friend of mine, and you have saved my life on several occasions-and vice versa. I entrust you with my Reclunius, my Haxorus, my Scolipede, my Ferrowthorn, my Typhlosion, and the Legendary Pokemon Coballion, with the Griseous orb being given to Haxorus, wishing you many happy years, and hoping that what was taken from you will come back."

Leonard didn't cry. Not even one tear. His fury against the person (or people) that had done such a monstrosity was high enough to quell sadness. He took the belt he was given-the last one-with dignity.

And he sensed a potential murderer, right behind Blaise.

Leonard always carried a gun, and he was an unbelievably fast draw. He shot straight behind Blaise, hitting his target and revealing him. The two daughters started panicking, hiding behind their parents, and Blaise hided behind Leonard, the last of who had a face filled with lethal malice, staring down at his fallen target like it was a pitiful petty crook.

"Why does it always get complicated?!" He yelled, looking down at who was nothing short of a member of Ghetsis'es Shadow Triad. This one was still alive, the bullet having hit his hip, and footsteps were barely concealed, indicating that the other two were still here.

"What are you doing here?!" He yelled, pointing the pistol straight at his head. "This is a PRIVATE Will reading!"

"...We have our orders..." The triad member said.

The Shadow Triad member vanished, right there. Leonard's hand went right through where he was.

"...The Triad...I know them...They only take orders from one person..." Leonard said, letting the others figure it out.

"...Not my father..." Nate said.

"Hilbert got the Adamant, Lustrous, and Griseous orbs from the Shadow Triad, who had received them from Ghetsis...Ghetsis may have been buying time, just barely managing to reconstruct a new Plasma organization, secretly...And now, he thought that it was high time to collect the orbs..." Leonard said.

"We'll keep them safe. It would be dishonoring Hilbert's memory to let the Shadow Triad have them." Cheren said.

"Do anything in your power to hide them." Leonard said. "Destroy them if you must." He added.

"Now then...After that exciting bout of stuff, we've got to get to Undella Town. I guess flying there by Pokemon will be the way to go..."

"Not so fast. Regardless of our intrusion, There are a few other things that Hilbert had Willed away..." Barlow said. "Hilbert had recently obtained a Larvesta, prior to his death, and he requested strictly in the Will that every Pokemon had a home. However, this Larvesta was not in the Will." said Barlow. "The Will states that Mrs. Holly Ivy would get all of the items unmentioned, henceforth..."

"A Pokemon isn't an item!" Leonard said.

"Sorry for insulting you. All the things unmentioned would go to Holly Ivy. As the Larvesta wasn't given to any of the trainers, and indeed wasn't named in the whole Will, you get this." Barlow said, handing Hilbert's mother a sole PokeBall.

"I can't take the Larvesta. I don't have enough money to support such an exotic Pokemon...And he'd want it to go to a trainer, so that it could grow up..." She said.

"Whatever you do with it is not my concern. You may give it to anybody. That is all." said Barlow. "You may leave."

Everybody walked out of the room, Leonard putting the pistol in it's holster. He was furious.

"Excuse me. Are you a trainer?" Holly asked Blaise.

"Yes." Blaise said.

"Here. I can't support it. Raise it well." Holly said, handing the PokeBall to Blaise.

"Wow! Thanks!" Exclaimed Blaise. Larvesta grew up into Volcarona, and they were tough! And to think that this belonged to Hilbert Ivy...Incredible!


Blaise was panicking. And it wasn't because of the Salamance-Shiny Pokemon were awesome, and Salamance were equally awesome. But...

"Don't tell me you've got Vertigo!" Leonard said.

Leonard's plan was to fly there. And Blaise indeed did have Vertigo. Leonard could see it in the eyes: Blaise was terrified of going up-and falling down.

"Vyraz is a very, very good flying Pokemon! He won't let you down!" Leonard pleaded. "I...I could just hoist you up here, because I'm responsible for you, I have to get back to Undella town, you're going, and we don't have a car. I can't pay for a boat, either!" Leonard said, grabbing Blaise, and lifting him up.

"Please no! I can't fly! I'm no flyer!" Blaise said, struggling to get away from Blaise's grip. He loved the ground! He'd rather be chased by rampaging Tauros!

"Pokemon Trainers use fly all the time if they need to go somewhere quickly!" Leonard said.

Tapping into Blaise's natural desire to become a Pokemon Master had gracefully kicked in, shutting him up and making him stable. Leonard put him on his Salamance, while Blaise's fears were still bottled up in his mind.

"Do not take off, be bluffing, do not go up, stay down, down is best, down is best, down is best, up is where you fall to death, don't go up, don't go-"

Blaise lost that battle of impossible odds.

With a roar of pleasure, Vyraz the Salamance took off with the force of a cannon, propelling them off the ground and into the air with tremendous velocity. The wind was rushing past the trio, making Blaise cling even harder to Vyraz's backside, and he was already gripped as though his life depended on having such a hold.

The scenery was beautiful. The city and the water reflected light artistically...Though it was also kind of blinding.


It took hours to reach Undella town by flight-and a whole day had they gone on a car. Leonard, now knowing why the Dean said that Blaise only feared heights, suddenly realized that he had to get his car fixed, or force Blaise to do this a lot. Blaise was scared beyond description the whole time. However, when Vyraz touched down on the ground, having stopped completely, Blaise got off and-

"Thankyouthankyou thankyouthankyouthankyou thankyouthankyouthankyeeEEOUCH!" Blaise said, when he started kissing the scorching-hot sand they were on.

"OK, rule nubmer one: Do not touch the sand, 'cause it's burning hot. Fire-Types flee from it into the water 'cause it burns 'em! Ha!" Leonard joked. "...No, seriously, some Fire-Types really do that."

Blaise walked onto the pavement, spitting out the sand.

"Now, with that done, lets go to my house." Leonard said.

"Which one's that? Oh, and do you know Hil-"

"Save it." Leonard said harshly. "It's the reddish two-story." he said, more calm.

Blaise saw it-out of the several one-story houses, there was only one reddish two-story in sight. He walked over, Leonard beside him.

"Sooo...Do you know about the Plasma incident? How do you know about Ghetsis? How did you know-"

Blaise was suddenly lifted off his feat, and was forced to make eye contact with a very-angry looking Leonard.

"Listen very closely, because I'll only tell you this once. Hilbert was a friend of mine, and I do NOT like it that he's gone. You will NOT question me about him, you will NOT question me about Ghetsis, and, as of fact, you will NOT be asking any questions about me or my life so far, because I do NOT want to be reminded of it. Got it?!" Leonard said, already missing Hilbert's departure.

Blaise nodded.

"Good." he said, putting Blaise down.

He walked back with a more furious pace to his abode, while Blaise walked behind him. So curious, yet forbidden! No teacher he ever met was like that! All the questions were burning inside him.

Leonard opened the door, and Blaise was looking at quite the room.

Everywhere, random objects were framed, put on shelves as knickknacks, or other stuff. A flag of unknown origin, torn in three, was framed over a couch; several spears with a indigo coloring and an eerie feel to them were stacked up nearby the kitchen; a sword designed and decorated with bronze, metallic, six-pronged gears in mind was put on top of a massive steel crate, glass-covered, between two recliners; anything and everything was placed here. Blaise noticed that half of the stuff here was weapon-based, yet other stuff didn't seem to correlate with it at all.

He wanted to ask, desperately. Leonard knew every story behind all this stuff. But Blaise kept his mouth shut.

"Stay here until I come back. Don't touch anything. Most of it is dangerous." Leonard said.

Blaise obeyed. Leonard walked into another room, out of sight. The instant he left, Blaise realized something: As long as it didn't have anything to do with Leonard's past, he could ask away.

Leonard took about two minutes.

"So...What did you do?" Blaise said, when Leonard came back.

"I hid the Griseous Orb." Leonard said. "Finding it now would be like finding a slither of silver hay in a needlestack-very, very hard, and very, very painful." he described. "Oh, and don't go looking for it. It's suicide, it really is."

"Say...Do you know about the three orbs? Adamant, Lustrous, and Griseous?" Blaise asked.

"The three orbs were created by ancient people in Sinnoh. Each one corresponds to a different part of the creational trio made by Arceus-Dialga has the Adamant, Palkia has the Lustrous, and Giratina has the Griseous." Leonard said "I heard that all three were initially owned by Lucas Platius, but he auctioned them off for much-needed cash. I'm pretty sure Ghetsis either won the three orbs off the auction, or somehow got them from the real winner. After the downfall of Team Plasma, he gave one each to the Shadow Triad to give to Hilbert Ivy, and we know the rest." Leonard commented.

"Did you ever have a-"

"I'm not answering any questions related to possessions either. I've got the Shadow Triad on my hands, and they may want that orb, and even if that's not the case, I'm not a hundred percent sure about what they were hanging around for. Ghetsis doesn't send in the Shadow Triad for just anything." Leonard said sternly.

Darn it. There went asking about if he ever had a Master Ball.
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