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Mienfoo was pretty silent as they walked on. She could still feel him trembling a bit though, so to soothe him, she started humming a soft tune that her mother used to sing to her and her brother when there was a thunderstorm. It was a small gesture, but she didn't know what else to do, and it had usually worked enough for them to get to sleep as kids. She hadn't really hated the storms, but her brother did, and she didn't want him to feel alone.

She really wanted to try and talk to the little fighter more, but she worried that any sudden intrusion would cause him to panic. She knew that when she was younger, the last thing she wanted to do when she was scared was talk about it. Instead she decided to just comfort him. She hated seeing Pokémon upset.

The path sloped a little downward, and she had to be careful not to slip on the icy patches. Mienfoo squeaked a few times as she stumbled, but she managed to catch herself each time before they fell or slammed into anything. Since it was still a little dim, Haji helped, warning her where the dangerous places to step were.

His mind was active and buzzing, seemingly worried about the little Pokémon. There was always the option of scanning his mind to see what had bothered him, but sometimes that was an intruding feeling, and she didn't want to upset the little fighter even more. Haji and she had an agreement that they'd keep to basic stuff until he was more comfortable. He'd be more susceptible to their psychic waves because of his type, and if it was a very bad memory, they didn't want him to have to relive it. Sometimes that happened.

Mienfoo kept watching Chainy too, whenever he dared to unhide his face from her clothes. He had responded to the man's whistle pretty obediently too. Maybe it was because Chainy had a lot of Fighting-type companions? Dual and Sasha were in plain sight, so perhaps Mienfoo caught on to the bond between them.

They eventually came to a room full of tiny holes in the floor. There were few icicles, so it made the area dark. There was a light dusting of snow though, and it crunched underneath their boots as they walked on. Suddenly, a tiny brown lump poked out of one of the holes, trying to make it to another one. She rarely saw Swinub here. It was pretty strange to see two of them so close together. Maybe their had been a mass hatching lately?

“I don't suppose you want to try catching another Swinub?” Chainy asked, and she shook her head.

“Nah, let's try to leave him be.” She glanced down at the cream and magenta Pokémon in her arms and back up at Chainy, hoping he got the hint. The last thing she wanted was to demonstrate more noise and violence. If they battled, though it wasn't cruel or anything, it might scare him more. She didn't want to traumatize him any more than he already was.

She rubbed her hand up and down the Pokémon's back gently and got a cute, pleased sound out of him. She smiled softly at him, wondering who would ever hurt a Pokémon so sweet.


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
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