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Default Re: Individual RP: WinterVines


Ranger Chainy

OOC: Stealin all your disk rolls =P


Haxbat circled down and rubbed affectionately at Ivy's shoulder. I couldn't help but grin - the Crobat had such a friendly and loving nature. Of course, it evolved through friendship so I kind of expected it, but certainly not to this extent.

“Great job, you,” Ivy praised him. “Back you go for now. Moving around in the caves might be difficult.”

The Crobat nodded and stood still as Ivy returned him to his PokeBall. The snow around us was temporarily illuminated with a flash of red, and then the female Ranger tucked the shrunken ball back inside her vest.

“I think I'm good,” Ivy replied to my earlier question. “The caves sound pretty good. That's our quickest way to the destination.”

"Sounds fine to me," I said, and we continued along the path. We met a few interesting Pokemon along the way, like a Machamp and a Smoochum who temporarily accosted Haji, but there were no major problems. The caves were a very surreal environment to travel through - there were small stalagtites everywhere, and the dripping of water was the only natural sound to be heard, save for the occasional gust of wind. Of course, Ivy's Mienfoo voice disk kept playing, emitting the cat-like squeal of the species in question.

I heard a small scuffling behind us, and I turned around quickly. A small Pokemon was hiding behind a cluster of rocks. I whistled loudly, and its head shot straight up into the air. The head in question was cat-like, but with rounded ears and a sharp nose that was reminiscent of a fox. The Wild Pokemon moved cautiously forward on all fours. Its legs and arms were maroon-coloured but its body and head were cream. There were signs of a small brush-like tail, but the pseudo-limb was being kept tucked tightly between the Pokemon's legs.

I nudged Ivy. "Hey, there's the Mienfoo you've been looking for," I said slowly, "but I think something is a little off."

The Mienfoo carefully moved up to us, being sure to keep distance between itself and our crew of Psychic Pokemon. It eyed me carefully before walking over to Ivy and tugging on her boot.

"I think it's scared of something," I murmured. "What do you think we should do?"


Trainer Statistics:

Name: Ivy Frost
Location: Mount Oktori
Area Effects: 11 Encounters Remaining, Mienfoo Voice Disk[THREE USED]
Pokemon Encountered: Docile Swinub(F); ??? Tyrogue(?); Hardy Machop(M); ??? Mienfoo(?)
Pokemon Captured: Docile Swinub(F); Hardy Machop(M)
CC since last Encounter: 1080 / 9000

Pokemon Statistics:

Haji (M) - Espeon - 100%
Ability: Magic Bounce
Nature: Calm
TM/HM: Hidden Power Fire, Grass Knot, Shadow Ball, Skill Swap, Sunny Day, Calm Mind, Reflect, Light Screen, Substitute, Protect, Psyshock
BM/SM/MT: Heal Bell, Stored Power, Signal Beam, Growth

Haxbat (M) - Crobat - 84%
Ability: Infiltrator
Nature: Careful
TM/HM: U-turn, Roost, Protect, Taunt, Sludge Bomb, Hidden Power Grass, Steel Wing
BM/SM/MT: Quick Attack, Brave Bird, Nasty Plot, Heatwave, Super Fang, Hypnosis, Zen Headbutt

Ambipom (M) - 69%
Ability: Technician
Nature: Jolly
TM/HM: Ice Punch, Brick Break, Thunder Wave, Taunt, U-turn, Low Sweep, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Water Pulse, Aerial Ace, Work Up
BM/SM/MT: Fake Out, Seed Bomb

Candle (F) - Chandelure - 100%
Ability: Flame Body
Nature: Brave
TM/HM: Flame Charge, Calm Mind, Hidden Power Electric
BM/SM/MT: None

Item Statistics:

Digital Camera, Super Potion x5, Full Heal x2, Hyperball x2, Superball x2, Parkball x3, Intermediate Voice Disk (Drilbur), Uncommon Voice Disk (Mienfoo), Uncommon Voice Disk (Meditite), Blank Disk, Poképlayer, Max Revive x2

URPG Stats

Ranger Chapter | Referee Chapter | Grader Chapter
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